Saturday, March 18, 2006

2294 For absentee parents

Blog Antagonist is a 30 something SAHM whose blog is attractive, easy to navigate and well-written. She's got a zinger about the parents who think she has nothing to do but watch their kid.

"Since you work on the other side of a city that rivals the 6th level of hell even on a good traffic day, I would like to suggest that you create a detailed contingency plan and go over it with your child, instead of just banking on me being home if something comes up. I may not have meetings or team builders or trade shows or sales calls, but sometimes I do venture out for food. In case you were unaware, the school provides after school care until 6 pm at a very reasonable cost. It's probably preferable for him to be there under competent supervision than home alone for four hours every day. Incidentally, you might want to check the history on his computer, as I'm pretty sure my kid learned about at your house. Just for clarification purposes, napping on the couch is not supervising."

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