Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Trump red flags

Not original, part of comments on Facebook.

For "Republicans" who have been supporting Donald Trump . . . 

How did they miss the socialist single payer red flag?
Or the "eminent domain is a wonderful thing" red flag?
Or the attacking Scalia over affirmative action red flag?
Or the "Israel MUST make sacrifices to the MUSLIM people of Palestine" red flag?
Or the Twitter fight with Bibi that cancelled his trip to Israel red flag?
Or his close Clinton connection red flag?
Or dismissing Benghazi as "partisan" red flag?
Or his litany of flip flop (immigration, Syrian refugees, Iran deal, etc.) red flags?
Or his long history of crony capitalism, supporting the establishments of BOTH parties, and buying political favors red flags?

And my favorite reason, how do they forget Republicans elected Bill Clinton with voting for Ross Perot?


Paula said...

Yes. It's strange. Also, it's strange that so many Democrats apparently support Hillary over Sanders, when she's proven to be such an untrustworthy lying liar who'll say anything to become Prez. (I am a Sanders supporter, as I think you know.)

Norma said...

Has Bernie ever suggested anything for economic growth other than raising your taxes? Just curious. Don't see any debate.