Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What have you bought on e-Bay?

When I first heard about e-Bay it was from a friend who actually became addicted to it. It's changed a lot from those early days when it was primarily just ordinary folk hawking wares. Now some businesses have closed their bricks and mortar stores and sell only this way. Anyway, my son bought his car on e-Bay, I think he bought it from someone in Atlanta, and then turned around and sold his truck to someone who flew from Salt Lake to Columbus to pick it up. All this seems very strange to me, but some people think having 8 blogs is strange. Imagine!


Anonymous said...

The vast majority of my 80+ tie collection was purchased on eBay. Not to mention a plethora of items not worth mentioning.

Vinni..."The Real Deal" said...

Nice car. Wonder how much he bought it for and if it was a lemon or not... Just curious.

Cathy said...

I just bought 3 frog cookie cutters for my classroom for a frog unit.