Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Memories—December 24, 2012

                          Christmas 2001

Remembering Christmas gifts through the years--not from my past--but our kids'. Hippity hops; a cardboard puppet stage that had to be assembled the night before; little cars with miles of tracks; bathrobes and slippers made by my sister; stretch Armstrong; board games like Racko and Stratego; educational (of course) magazines from Grandma and Grandpa Corbett; Fisher Price anything when they were still made of wood from Grandma and Grandpa DeMott; a Chicago Bears sweatshirt from Auntie Lynne Wilburn; Barbie doll clothes and stuff; and others for which I'd have to drag out the photo albums (remember those clumsy things before all photos were imprisoned on smart phones?).

The above MM banner is a bit more recent—Christmas 2001—the last in our home of 34 years.  The books are Tolkien I believe.

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