Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The refugee crisis in South Sudan

You haven't heard about it?  Not surprised. This summer at Lakeside we had a speaker from South Sudan who now lives in Columbus, Bol Aweng  one of the "Lost boys of Sudan" who were in the news some years ago. He has a non-profit and is also a very talented artist.  I subscribe to a Catholic news service which is covering the tragedy in South Sudan and noticed its story.  So I Googled it. "South Sudan refugee crisis." The top seven entries (mostly paid ads) were all charities, Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, CARE USA, Rescue. org, Mercy Corps, UNHCR, and Oxfam. No news from the major MSM in the U.S., but some from BBC and Aljazeera.  Contrast that story which involves millions of people and ethnic (black on black tribal and political violence) conflicts with the Google search "Trump Charlottesville" and you'll find the top entries CNN, NYT, WAPO, Politico, Fox News, NY Post, Fast Company and NPR.  And they all focus on the same story--Trump condemned violence on both sides in Charlottesville, one group had a permit to demonstrate, and the other didn't.  It's too bad those news outlets have no one in Africa. With whom would they side?




Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump and the Republicans

"Something has gone very wrong since Trump ascended. And it’s not him. He’s virtually the only one trying to do the right things. At this point, it’s clear we have a combination of sick factions in the GOP, and none of them give a damn about the party’s voters, none of them give a damn about the principles they claim to have stood for in the past years, and none of them have a clue about what they are doing.

What has this party done since Trump saved their bacon, keeping them in the majority, saving them from becoming a worthless second fiddle to a corrupt Hillary? Nothing. Just nothing. And now worse than nothing. I am not the first to say this, but let’s be clear, the GOP has become a party of spineless wimps and frauds. They have betrayed half of America, betrayed the base that once supported them so well, and also betrayed their country."

American Spectator, Aug. 21, 2017

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Resistance--now it's statues, tomorrow maybe you

The Durham, NC statue "was pulled down and then stomped on by a crew of radical leftists, identified by the local paper as members of the Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America, and the ubiquitous antifa gang. In other words, these people are about as far left as you can go without falling off the edge of the earth." https://www.billoreilly.com/b/First-They-Came-For-the-Statues/425206911343892859.html

I wonder where the Democrat Congressional leaders, media poo-bahs, librarians, teachers and electricians are who will condemn American Communism by name and rank? And it must be names--can't just condemn bigotry and hate, as we have learned this week. Communism or some form of it killed about 100 million of its own citizens in the 20th century.

 When, like the Taliban destroying ancient Buddhist temples in 2001 in the name of Allah and Islamic political correctness, any founder who owned slaves will need to have his/her reputation destroyed; but it never ends, because self-righteous, virtue signaling feels so good to people who don't know history or who abort black babies in the name of "health care for women." It's critical to destroy history, as communists well know.

 Eventually, when demonizing white microaggression and bullying the millions whose ancestors came well after 1865 from hundreds of countries, including Africa, have run their course, the Leftists will need to take out those blacks with European ancestry. No one will be safe. Remember when Joe Biden called Obama the storybook candidate because he was a clean, light skinned African American?

The Soviet show trials, or purge, would be a good place to start for those in the vanguard of the resistance. For old timey liberals, and newby socialists, and 40-something followers. "The NKVD was handed a list of those who were now labelled ‘enemies of the state’ – effectively the Bolshevik Party’s Old Guard – for example, Kamenev, Zinoviev and Bukharin. Anyone associated with these men was also under suspicion. They were put on trial at heavily manipulated show trials where the verdict was never in doubt. The show trials had to prove their guilt preferably with a very public admission of betraying the revolution and therefore the people." http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/modern-world-history-1918-to-1980/russia-1900-to-1939/the-show-trials-in-the-ussr/

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Family Photo Lakeside 2017

Bob and his sister Deb heading to Hoover for an evening of music.
Checking out the new pool and wellness center at Lakeside. Deb and Sue went to water aerobics.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Robert C. Byrd waited years to say that his KKK membership was a mistake. Democrats loved him; named highways, mountains and parks after him. (Where are the demands to take his name down?) He was a good friend of the Clintons.  President Obama waited six years to even hint that the Ft. Hood massacre was terrorism, and even then he never clearly stated it. Loretta Lynch has never fessed up to the tarmac tango with Bill--we're still waiting. Donald Trump waits 24 hours to name KKK after his original condemnation as just one of the hate groups (Antifa was there too but they are ignored by media), and Democrats, media and never Trumpers go berserk





Trash talking in Lakeside

A strike for equality. Bob watched the "sanitation engineers" in the giant blue garbage truck doing the north south route deftly tossing sacks and cans Tuesday. "Hey," he said, "There's a woman on that truck, and she's really good--moving fast." Knowing that she was probably earning a higher hourly wage than a librarian or an RN, I thought, "YES! You go girl." Then later when I was walking to the Farmer's Market, I saw the truck doing the east west streets, and the same worker jumped down to grab the garbage. It was just a guy with a "man bun" and a slender build. So disappointed.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our great grandnieces

Twin grand daughters of our niece, holding hands as they go to class. I think this is pre-school in the private school where their grandma teaches.

Are the media happy now? Of course not.

We knew this would happen. First President Trump condemned all racism, bigotry and hatred. Remember, Antifa was attacking the protesters. Now he’s spoken out more clearly, naming names. But the media are on the attack. After my morning walk, I entered the living room to hear ABC this morning and they are covering Charlottesville and the president’s horrible wait of 48 hours. They are saying he’s retweeted comments from racists and then denied they denied it after planting the seed. Then they spend 2 minutes on North Korea and it’s back to Trump and Charlottesville. They say there were two sides in Charlottesville, but they only give one. I don’t think they spent that much time on Ferguson, Baltimore and NYC combined.

President Trump has been condemning David Duke and the KKK for two decades. How often is enough for the media? It will never be enough because it's not an actual criticism, it's part of the attack plan, like a yapping, nipping dog with sharp teeth circling and running.

White supremacists have built their membership the same way the anarchists/leftists/Islamists have--social media and constant publicity of the broadcast and cable news. (The media also gave Trump billions in free publicity during the primaries.) They are fringe of the fringe. But the leftists, from moderate Democrat, to Bernie Babies, to wild eyed Antifa, control the culture, and that's BIG. Remember, even in late 2012 Obama and Clinton were claiming to believe in traditional marriage and separate locker rooms for men and women. Today that is called white nationalism.

Update: I know there are people who sincerely believe President Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened, but after I listened on Tuesday (WJR Detroit) to a woman organizer of the protests against the President, I saw clearly you are being seduced, used and manipulated to help destroy not just Trump---he's a small fish in their big pond--not just the November election--but the nation. I'm not sure she/they have any plans beyond the ash heap; their task is to just bring it all down.

Monday, August 14, 2017

This wasn't terrorism, but she's still dead

He drove his car into the crowd, killing one woman and injuring 20 others. "But despite his mounting aggression and mental health issues that began in childhood, friends and the authorities said, he never sought or received treatment, instead burrowing deeper into his paranoia, and smoking marijuana and drinking." No, not Charlottesville, but New York City. Richard Rojas. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/19/nyregion/times-square-crash-driver-richard-rojas.html

The president is a uniter

Riots are developing in several cities, people clad in black, carrying weapons. Not because of the death of a protester in Charlotte, although that sad incident will obviously attract the naïve. We saw the protests building during the Obama years, in fact, I never saw it worse in my lifetime than the Obama reign, although the focus was fuzzy. When Bush was gone and the war protests ended (although the war didn't), then it was a generalized hate for capitalism, and demands to... absolve students from pricey college debt. Somehow, bigger government and more taxes were to solve what government had created. Then the deaths of some black men killed while committing crimes gave rise to unhappiness that a black president hadn't changed their lives, so we had more slogans and riots. Now they've got a clear target, the President. He's a uniting force for left and right all on the socialist/statist scale.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Doubt--cancelled CBS series

We were in Columbus briefly for an artist event, so while unwinding at home I clicked on the TV by habit, and began to watch a CBS show called “Doubt.” Yes, a lawyer show. How original. About 15 minutes into it I realized that although the screen promo said, “New” this had a story line that goes back a bit. So I got on the computer and read that it was cancelled after two winter shows in 2017, but there were a number in the can, and what we were watching on August 12 were the last two episodes. Cliff hanger of course, and now we’ll never know . Did the pediatrician really kill his girl friend 24 years ago and his blood didn’t show it because he’d had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia years after the murder?

I recognized Katherine Heigl the lead who was obviously pregnant and all angles tried to hide it, Elliot Gould (former husband of Barbra Streisand who used to be a good actor but now seems way over the hill and not given anything important to say) and Judith Light (One life to live, Who’s the boss, and who looked 10 years older than her real age of 68). But the big “breakthrough” of this thankfully short series was a transwoman (Laverne Cox) in a a leading role in a love affair with a cis male (a person assigned male biology at birth). I think it means two gay guys who just don’t want to admit who they really are. We were treated to lots of smooching by these two, as well as two women expecting a baby and one has been busted for drugs and will miss her wife's ultrasound just to desensitize and assure us that all this is normal.

I don’t think it was pulled because of any concern about the transwoman (didn’t fool me--he still has a man’s voice and way too much make-up), or the white and Asian women expecting a baby--that ship has sailed, or because the hot shot lawyer falls in love with her client who may or may not be guilty of murder. It apparently just didn’t have the numbers after the first 2 episodes. Although the summer showings were stronger than the winter, that was probably because there wasn’t much else to do on a Saturday night in August in Columbus, Ohio.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The new swimming pool is changing lives

I’ve always known Lakeside was a special place for people with limited mobility, especially for the elderly. An equipped van brings residents here from North Shore Retirement immediately outside the gates (although many walk in), there are many ramps, special wellness seminars, and most importantly, events to keep the mind and body active.  I think I’ve seen more walkers, wheelchairs and special scooters here in Lakekside than anyplace in my life. I’ve been watching Marky for decades maneuver the streets.

Marky has cerebral palsy (CP), a physical disability that affects movement, muscle tone and posture. Despite the CP, he is very independent and while at Lakeside he lives in a wing of his parents’ cottage and at home in independent living. His special scooter makes him mobile and he’s made many friends over the years. When a pool and wellness center was announced, like all of us, his family watched with curiosity,
“I didn’t have a clear picture of how it would be,” his mom Becky Donithan said “I was unsure if we would have enough room or if it would be too crowded. But when I first saw it, it was incredible. I knew it would be great for our family.
With the ADA-approved lift-chair and the entry ramp for his scooter, Marky is granted access to an activity like he never was before. At his IDLA home, Marky exercises on a treadmill for about 10 minutes each day, but swimming works a whole extra set of muscles.

“He can’t walk on land, but he can walk in water,” she said. “It was such a special moment for Marky and our family when he swam in Lakeside for the first time. It’s given him the opportunity to get in the pool and have the freedom to feel and look like everyone else.”

Marky’s whole family was in tow for his first day at the pool. Parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins gathered to swim as a family. He had only ever been swimming a few times before in his life, but he has become significantly better at it with each visit to the pool this summer.

“He would live here all year if he could,” Donithan said. “This place is a little piece of heaven for him because he can be himself and it is just so safe and accessible, especially now with the pool.”
From the Lakeside Blog

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hoover entertainment, August 9

We had a fabulous program last night at Lakeside Hoover Auditorium. Dave Bennett seemed to be a quiet, refined jazz clarinetist/quartet who played the pop classics from the 30s and 40s, then he worked up into the 50s, with a sweet "Earth Angel," picked up the electric guitar, did a little Elvis and Johnny Cash, then took off his sport coat went to the piano and did three or four Jerry Lee Lewis numbers. I thought he’d destroy the Steinway! At one point he picked up some extra sticks and played a mean drum solo. Unbelievable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3dBLOOXUec

  Rockin the 50s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVZ73BMa9oo

He recently appeared in Dixon, IL.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyZMspoKmAY

Image result for dave bennett quartet

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let's educate the right, says the left

"We need to educate people on the right" said some Hollywood actor (never heard of him). Like having all broadcast media and cable news outlets, plus the major newspapers, the entire entertainment industry, political control of the largest cities, most of the colleges and universities and public libraries is just not enough for progressives/leftists.

Let's blame Trump

Colin Kaepernick, Free Agent

Michael Smith opines on Facebook on poor pitiful Pearl, aka Colin Kaepernick:

Let us not forget the personal anguish experienced by professional activist Colin Kaepernick and the rampant institutional racial discrimination in America that caused it. The list includes:

1. He has a white birth mother and a black biological father, making him bi-racial, not black.

2. He was adopted by a white, middle class couple.

3. His white adoptive parents made it possible for him to go to college, where he starred in football4. He was drafted by the racist NFL.

5. He signed a $126 million contract that stipulates his pay goes down if his level of play goes down.

6. His level of play declined and he was benched, consequently, his salary went down.

7. He publicly protested the institutional racism demonstrated by items #1-6 by kneeling on the sidelines during the national anthem at NFL games.

8. He and his radical girlfriend made inflammatory statements about his "plight" and how his problems are white America's fault.

9. He becomes a free agent and continues his radicalism.

10. He goes to Ghana to "find his roots" even though his roots are in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Turlock, California.

11. No NFL team wants to touch an average backup with an attitude issue who had one good year as a starter.

Such is the sad saga of racial discrimination of a bi-racial, millionaire athlete who, because of America, had the chance 99.9% of the rest of America never will and apparently blew it.

The struggle is real, ya'll.”

These are not my stats ( HT James Wass), but I did go on-line and check for accuracy. Right on the money.

"Colin Kaepernick was 36th pick in his draft, high up in the second round. White privileged Johnny Manziel was 22nd in the first round a couple years later.

Let's compare their careers to a 6th round shlub from 2000. Tom Brady put in the work and turned out the numbers. Nothing is rewarded like results."



Gender statistics and Google

An NSF 2014 report claims the number of Science & Engineering bachelor's degrees awarded annually rose steadily from 398,602 in 2000 to 589,330 in 2012. Women received a slim majority of these degrees in EVERY year. Women’s share of undergraduate degrees is 57%. By age 30, women in the U.S. population begin to outnumber men (many more boys are born than girls), but at age 20-24, the age at which most graduate from college, the males are ahead of females by about 443,000 (2010 census). So there is a big gender imbalance--at the expense of men. Where are the safe spaces for men? Where is the hand wringing?

However, this NSF report includes “psychology and social sciences” in the S & E figure, but not health sciences, which in my opinion makes it almost worthless. Men do outnumber women in computer science and engineering, despite 40 years of special pushing and workshops for women. By lumping so many sciences together, from psychology to agriculture, it is possible to claim that women aren’t getting a fair deal in hiring/promotion for computer jobs. Especially at Google which doesn’t want crack downs on misuse of the H1B visas so more Americans can be hired. It wouldn't surprise me if foreign born Asian and Indians outnumber American men at Google. But I seriously doubt those stats are available.

Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google was born in the Soviet Union.  Do you suppose this type of totalitarianism is in the blood?






Remember when Bill Clinton . . .

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Leading while tweeting

Atlantic, Aug. 2, 2017, summarizes all the things Trump has been able to accomplish while everyone, left and right, obsesses over his tweets.
"remaking the justice system, rewriting environmental rules, overhauling public-lands administration, and greenlighting major infrastructure projects. It is appointing figures who will guarantee the triumph of its ideological vision for decades to come.”

Now, the author isn't happy about this, but just as the right misjudged how smart Obama was, they are now misjudging how much Trump is accomplishing because he knows how to delegate (and hire and fire).


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Are there alternatives to Cable? Yes.

I’m following a discussion by people who have given up cable, particularly because of the biased MSM but also the expense. Is it any wonder the polls got the election all wrong, because no one is listening to that garbage any more? Here’s a selection of comments.

‘We moved and cut our satellite/cable TV. No more $167 per month for Direct TV. We opted to just use the Roku we already have, using internet we need to have anyway, and add Sling TV for local channels and sports.”

“I listen to talk radio during the day til 4 or 5 pm then I go to ROKU for Glenn Beck for evening entertainment it's NetFlix or occasionally a network show.”

“I actually stopped watching almost everything on Fox too. Just watch the six o'clock news, but I'm not addicted to that anymore either. I'm much more productive and much less stressed out I must say.”

“We started with Sling but moved to Playstation Vue because of Fox News. We also get Redzone for football through Vue for my husband. More streams than Sling too though we don't use that many. Playstations Vue has more local channels too. Don't miss DirectTV though I think my husband misses NFL Sunday Ticket.”

“We don't watch any broadcast or cable news anymore. I use feedly to manage a large set of news sources organized by category and that's my daily source of information. There's far more diversity in my daily news diet than what can be found flipping through channel after channel of airheads and screamers.”

“You like to listen to the news - not necessarily watch? I'd get XM radio. We got an XM Roadie radio and we take it with us when we go on vacation but when at home have it hooked up to Bose. You can listen to Fox News plus all sorts of other goodies. We love Old Time Radio classics. Nothing like listening to The Whistler when out in the remote regions of Maine.... The Whistler knows!”

“YouTube has good news feeds from around the world that I find more varied and sane than the American media right now. BBC has their own set of biases, but is still worthwhile. Billwhittle.com has excellent conservative commentary. I stream all of these on our TV through the Xbox. Any big stories or disasters tend to show up. I also go online, browse headlines to see if there is anything that needs further investigation. Haven't bothered with broadcast news in years and don't miss them except for breaking local stories. We did get a little antenna to pick up channels for when my Mom comes over, and used that for local weather and a local shooting incident.”

“I haven't had cable since I graduated college in '03.  All news comes from the internet. Honestly, I cannot stand tv news at this point. Too much cross talk, less depth, and I can read much faster.”

“Sling offers The Blaze and BBC World News. Sky News UK streams live on YouTube. NewsOn has news shows from hundreds of local stations around the country.”

“During Gulf War I, we were glued to cnn & of course local news stations (I live across the street from the gate at NAS Jacksonville & my husband was stationed at VP-30 at the time). CNN and any national news outlet repeatedly broadcast things I knew to be untrue. I swore off television news forever. When I read the same things in the newspaper, I stopped reading that, too. I have weakened a few times over the years - Election2000 (thank goodness we had FNC by then) when we were in Hawai'i, Katrina coverage, the Summer of the Hurricanes - but basically I simply don't bother with television at all. For several years, talk radio was my line to 'news.' Then that guy from Chicago became prominent, and I had to listen to soundbites from him or #derhillderbeest or any one of the scum in the Swamp, so I went to sports talk radio. Been an avid fan for ten years now. Used to be some espn, but now it's almost all local sports talk or MLB or Dave Ramsey. Now that we're in our house again, we have antenna tv, MLB.tv, PGATOURLIVE, and Sling. Along with Amazon Prime, I have everything I need without the negative ugly crap I used to let ruin my days. It's not for everyone, but I am a much happier woman than I was. I do now occasionally listen to Rush again, especially if Steyn is subbing.”

Summers on absurdity in academe

Following the end of Clinton’s term, Larry Summers served as the 27th President of Harvard University from 2001 to 2006. In a 2005 speech he suggested that the under-representation of women in science and engineering could be due to a “different availability of aptitude at the high end,” and less to patterns of discrimination and socialization. That ended his Harvard time although there were other conflicts. In 2016 he was interviewed by Bill Kristol.

"There is a great deal of absurd political correctness. Now, I’m somebody who believes very strongly in diversity, who resists racism in all of its many incarnations, who thinks that there is a great deal that’s unjust in American society that needs to be combated, but it seems to be that there is a kind of creeping totalitarianism in terms of what kind of ideas are acceptable and are debatable on college campuses." Larry Summers 2016



“Summers rejoined public service during the Obama administration, serving as the Director of the White House United States National Economic Council for President Barack Obama from January 2009 until November 2010, where he emerged as a key economic decision-maker in the Obama administration’s response to the Great Recession. After his departure from the NEC in December 2010, Summers has worked in the private sector and as a columnist in major newspapers. “


There’s really nothing startling about his comments on political correctness—conservatives have been seeing this totalitarianism for years, but wealthy, privileged liberals don’t seem to get it until it is turned on them, sort of like the show trials of the Soviet Union in the 1930s when the loyal party members were purged.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Liberals and conservatives should be able to agree to get this changed.

“Every year, police and prosecutors across the United States take hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, cars, homes and other property—regardless of the owners’ guilt or innocence. Under civil forfeiture laws, the government can seize this property on the mere suspicion that it is connected to criminal activity. No charges or convictions are required. And once property is seized, owners must navigate a confusing, complex and often expensive legal process to try to win it back. Worst of all, most civil forfeiture laws give law enforcement agencies a powerful incentive to take property: a cut, or even all, of forfeiture proceeds. “


Holding government accountable

Taxpayers Protection Alliance, non-profit non-partisan organization dedicated to educating the public through the research, analysis and dissemination of information on the government’s effects on the economy.

Let Freedom Ring, USA, a non-profit, nonpartisan public policy membership organization, with a three-pronged mission statement. Our mission is to promote: constitutional government, economic freedom, and traditional values.

Americans for Limited Government  is dedicated to restoring the constitutional, limited powers of government at the federal, state, and local level.  ALG does this by fighting to reduce the size and scope of government, protecting individuals rights, promoting federalism, and rolling back the tyranny of the administrative state.  This will put America first, foster free enterprise, and restore the rule of law.

American Commitment is dedicated to restoring and protecting the American Commitment to free markets, economic growth, Constitutionally-limited government, property rights, and individual freedom.

Club for Growth is a national network of over 100,000 pro-growth, limited government Americans who share in the belief that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom. 

Heritage Action for America is a 501(c)(4) organization,  sister organization of The Heritage Foundation, widely respected government relations team and dedicated grassroots activists that advance conservative policy.

American Conservative Union was founded in 1964,  and is the nation’s original conservative organization. For more than fifty years, ACU has served as an umbrella organization harnessing the collective strength of conservative organizations fighting for Americans who are concerned with liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense. Every year since 1973, ACU proudly hosts CPAC.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Diversity pains

He recalled a panel discussion during orientation at which a student said, “We should burn down Pomona” because “elite colleges represented white supremacist patriarchy.” Mr. Gu found the idea absurd.

“You are going to a $60,000-a-year school and you’re either there because your parents are wealthy or the school has given you a full ride and you are saying it’s a dangerous environment for you,” he said. “There is a strange sense of entitlement.”


Saturday, August 05, 2017

Talk and read to your children

I wonder sometimes how my mother got so smart--many happy memories of her reading to my brother and me while the three of us cuddled in a large overstuffed chair. Actually it was one of those huge 1940s era upholstered chairs with wide arms, so I was sitting on the arm.  As a child, I often wished Mom would stop talking--she believed in reasoning with children rather than spanking.  Occasionally I thought a spanking would be better than a long explanation of my mischief and misbehavior.

Building a young child's vocabulary is essential for future success. To keep me quiet, Mom would make up stories while braiding my hair and she would talk so softly I'd have to listen. And music. Our home was filled with it--usually our piano lessons, but sometimes just for fun. Only one of us was good enough to earn a living at it.  And we four children with the oldest playing the piano presented programs with our off key quartet to local groups and clubs. It was my little brother who stole the show since he was so cute. Even though our church uses huge screens with words of hymns, I always pull out the hymnal if available and practice sight reading the music. Screens in churches have killed what little knowledge many had of music.

And most critical--I had a hard working father who was home every night. He didn't play with us, or tuck us in at night. He didn't hug or kid around. Most of my friends (especially boy friends) were afraid of him. But we saw how he treated our mother and his mother. Like they were the most important persons in his life--and they were.

How did our parents get so wise without academic research?




Another Civil War?

Friday, August 04, 2017

Some ugly white privilege

Stuart Rothenberg is an American editor, publisher, and political analyst. He is best known for his biweekly political newsletter The Rothenberg Political Report. And from his photo, he appears to have "white elitist privilege," "white snobbery," is a "major white liar," filled with "white ignorance." Can only assume he is also a rich white liberal.

Because Trump was welcomed and cheered by the people of West Virginia, Rothenberg publicly demeaned them as ignorant, stupid and unemployed, promptly becoming a "white fool" and "white tool." Absolutely NO ONE from DC should be ridiculing some one else's unemployment record, graduation rate or ability to speak English.

I guess Democrats learned nothing from Hillary's wise crack about deplorables.

Sprucing up at the Bruces

A new look for the porch. We bought our summer home in Lakeside, Ohio,  in 1988 (actual house with plaster walls, basement and fireplace built in 1944) and had planned to remove the mid-80s, not architecturally appropriate porch. However, over the years we learned how great it was, solar gain in the winter so we could use it off season, and tight enough for AC in the summer. The problem was, it faded and discolored over 30 years and was sort of white, grey and yellow. So Wednesday it was painted to match the trim. The guys did a great job, and had painted the house in the spring. In the fall, the deck will be repainted, because it will require sanding and prep that Lakeside doesn't allow during the season.

On August 4, 2017

What could possibly go wrong? Mueller is best friends with Comey; has hired all Hillary supporting lawyers for the investigation; impaneled a Grand Jury from Trump hating D.C. They, not the Russians, are interferring with the election of Donald Trump.

Democrats wounded to the core with their poor decisions think Clinton couldn’t lose a national election which includes non-urban voters without help from Russia. Let’s review her campaign promises. She lauded open borders, refugee resettlement without vetting, and born-alive abortions. She proposed a 65% tax rate on estates that would impact small businesses and farms. She would have retained Obama’s heavy handed LGBTQ agenda, thus destroying Title VII and Title IX both of which benefit women. Trump campaigned on more security at the border, stronger economy with better jobs, patriotism (some nay sayers call that nationalism), he bragged on Americans--she called them deplorables--inviting more Americans to come back with a promise of fewer regulations, and a strong conservative for the Supreme Court.  No contest.   Spasiba. Спасибо.

This should be the investigation--The DNC and Awan. I had some time in the car yesterday when I went shopping in Sandusky and listened to Glenn Beck outline the last few years of the nefarious activities of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (head of DNC in 2016) IT staffer.

Pakistani staff Imran Awan
  • who hired his family and friends to work with Democrats 
  • whose friends and wife fled the country as he was being investigated 
  • who invested in various DC area businesses through Congressional Federal credit Union,
  • who had numerous legal problems that should have had his security clearance pulled,
  • who accepted funding from middle eastern "investors" in his failed businesses,
  • who had access to the computers of numerous Democrats, who were paying him and his friends excessively high salaries,
  • who then destroyed evidence before being arrested trying to flee. 
 Also Awan was fired by DWS at the last minute before going down--she stuck with him through 6 months of investigation, during which he still had access. She's either the world's most trusting employer, or she's sleeping with her staff.  But the media is fixated on a non-existent Russia story. This is not about bank fraud, although there is that, but about a REAL threat to our security. He worked for Democrats for 13 years, and knew their secrets.  I watched ABC morning news today--not a peep about the real story, but plenty on Trump.

On this day in 1964, the bodies of 3 civil rights workers, Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman, killed by the KKK in Mississippi were found. The KKK was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party formed during the Reconstruction in the aftermath of the Civil War and revitalized during the Depression. But the Democrats continued to elect KKK members or former members like Robert Byrd, Hugo Black, etc. even well past the 1960s. None of the killers served more than 6 years.

The Republicans had been working for years on Civil Rights legislation, making slow progress. The deaths of these martyrs in June 1964 pushed President Johnson's legislation for the 1964 Civil Rights Act over the line, even without the support of many Democrats.

How to clean your mattress

 The original link is broken, but I found this gross, disgusting detail at LiveScience about what's going on in our mattresses. "According to materials published by Ohio State University, a typical used mattress may have 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. Ten percent of the weight of a two-year-old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings. Mites prefer warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a mattress when someone is on it. One of their favorite foods is dead skin, and people shed about one fifth of an ounce of the stuff every week, some of which surely ends up flaking into your mattress. (Also gross: About 80 percent of the material seen floating in a sunbeam is, in fact, flakes of dead skin.)"

May be easier to buy a new one, or hire someone to do it. Consumer Reports suggests: https://www.consumerreports.org/mattresses/how-to-clean-a-mattress/

Thursday, August 03, 2017

U.S. Press Freedom Tracker

“Journalists in the United States face hostility from local and federal governments, along with a number of legal threats to themselves and their sources. This nonpartisan website aims to be the first to provide reliable, easy-to-access information on the number of press freedom violations in the United States—from journalists facing charges to reporters stopped at the U.S. border or asked to hand over their electronics.” https://pressfreedomtracker.us/about/

What would “a new nonpartisan website dedicated to documenting press freedom abuses across the United States” look like?  Same old left of center, biased news. Filled with opinion, and little research.  I checked on several on this list by adding two words to the name of the organization in a Google search: “Donald Trump.” Try it.


American Society of News Editors

Columbia Journalism Review

Committee to Protect Journalists

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Free Press

Global Editors Network

Index on Censorship

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University

Media Law Resource Center


National Association of Hispanic Journalists

National Press Club

National Press Photographers Association

News Media Alliance



Online News Association

PEN America


Regional Reporters Association

Radio Television Digital News Association and Foundation

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Reporters Without Borders

Society of Environmental Journalists

Society of Professional Journalists

The Media Consortium

Columbia Journalism Review, a self styled media watch dog, nailed it in explaining why Trump tweets and runs circles around the media.

"Producing morning television or radio, after all, is so much easier when you dispense with the cumbersome business of “production values,” or the costs of journalism, just as long as you have compelling conte...nt. To set the morning agenda you don’t need studios, technicians, producers, fixers, interns, lights, cameras, hair and make-up. You don’t even need advertisers. All you need is a captivating guest who will, at around 6:30 am Eastern Standard Time, reliably say something that will set the agenda for the rest of the day. That way you can “own” the morning, enjoy the highest ratings, and make sure everybody is talking about your show–until tomorrow, when the cycle repeats itself."


A proud mother on her daughter's graduation

I met this young woman on Facebook, don’t remember exactly how, but I’ve enjoyed her posts over the years.  I’ve also seen photos of her beautiful daughter, so I was thrilled to see this testimony. There's no better sermon than a life of repentance and change. Ayesha Kreutz,  President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, writes:

"My oldest has graduated High school and changed her course, deciding to go to college and decided to double major. I suggested it since she got a really good scholarship. I have to say I am super proud of the girl.  See, she grew up with me. When I got pregnant with her it was the first time in my life I was sober, no drugs or alcohol, I quit everything. 

I was a single mother, though I absolutely loved her father, and we tried to make it work, I realized as I got sober he was an addict, more so than I was, his drug use far surpassed mine and after years of trying and going through DT's along with other issues we split for good.

Single, out of wedlock parenthood was terrible. We were homeless and I have been on the food stamp system as well. Through the journey of becoming who I am today, I worked hard to give my daughter a better shot than I had started her out on, by being a single mother. I even found a way to home-school while being a single mom and working full-time.

Eventually, by being obedient and faithful to the Word of Truth and building that relationship with Christ, things did turn around. 

I am married and a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and my oldest is a wonderful young lady. My husband Rocks!

She learned from my mistakes and purposed to listen to my wisdom to do better. She loves the Lord, picks good friends, is compassionate, loves her fellow-man, shares Jesus and through out high-school she danced 15 - 20 hours a week, played sports, even got all-star setter for volleyball and now has gotten a scholarship and going to college.

Many kids raised in adversity find ways to be bitter and angry and make excuses for their failure, but she has found ways to push through the excuses and find ways to make excuses to succeed.

So yep I am a proud mommy. I know college years can be even tougher and we really get a chance to see what they are made of.  So please give her a congratulation and if you are a 100% Bible-believing Christian pray for her and share words of wisdom with her."

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

How women see faces

Is this scientific study unfair to transwomen? Healthy heterosexual men and women were used in the study. "We investigated how 400 different human faces were evaluated for arousal and valence by a group of healthy male and female heterosexual students. As a whole, women judged all human faces as more positive and more arousing than men. In addition, they showed a preference for the faces of children and the elderly in the arousal evaluation. Regardless of face aesthetics, age, and facial expression, women rated human faces higher than men. A review of studies of sex differences in face processing, social interactions, empathy for pain, emotional memory, perception of infant faces (baby schema), faces-in-things (pareidolia), biological motion and actions, and erotic and emotional images is also provided." Journal of Neuroscience Research, 7 NOV 2016, pp. 222-234

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

At the Farmer's Market--giant zucchini at the organic tent

Benefits of summer squash such as zucchini--World's healthiest Foods newsletter
"Although summer squash has long been recognized as an important food source of carotenoids, only recently have research studies documented just how fantastic summer squash can be when it comes to these key antioxidants. For some groups of study participants, summer squash turns out to be the primary food source of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene in the entire diet! For lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin (three other health-supportive carotenoids) summer squash also comes out among the top three food sources in several studies.   
When we think about food and antioxidants, what first comes to mind might be fresh fruit and vitamin C, or bright orange carrots and beta-carotene. Yet several recent studies have underscored the unique contribution made by summer squash to our antioxidant requirements. While not as rich in some of the more widely-publicized antioxidants like beta-carotene, summer squash is a very strong source of other key antioxidant nutrients, including the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Since the skin of this food is particularly antioxidant-rich, it's worth leaving the skin intact and purchasing organic summer squash to help avoid potential unwanted contaminants."

Today I had beet tops and corn on the cob (2 minutes in the microwave) for lunch. Our Farmer's Market at Lakeside is great, and two of these items were organic, and the zucchini will last a long time unless I figure something out.

Male and female he made them

In yesterday’s seminar on bioethics at Lakeside we heard about CRISPR and growing human ears on the flesh of lab animals, and the trans-human era so we can become the lie the serpent told Adam and Eve.  But the speaker (reformed tradition) also referred to “the church.” Just what is that, I wondered? How did we get here with dozens of Bible studies, feel good self esteem sermons, pot luck dinners and loud rock music, the only “church” people under 50—or maybe under 90—know. Before creating life in the laboratory, let’s look at it the old fashioned way—God’s way.  Male and female.

The so-called Christian church has no one to blame but itself for society’s capitulation to the LBGTQ anti-God, anti-history, anti-tradition agenda.  How did we get from sperm and egg to a personal choice based on feelings or mental illness?

Beginning in 1930, one by one the major Protestant denominations began to accept barrier, chemical and surgical solutions for limiting children, who are blessings from God.  The scariest “climate change” horror stories the Left can throw at us can’t compare to what Christians have accepted as “faith” or “mission” where family planning or women’s health are concerned. Eventually most Christian denominations also accepted abortion. Read your church head quarter’s documents—ELCA (Lutheran) accepts abortion for any reason, even sex selection. Some Protestant denominations use the loophole of disability, incest or rape, as though those little ones are expendable and deserve death because of their parents’ mistakes. Unborn children can distinguish between English and Japanese, but their own parents can’t figure out whether they are human?

Other churches just ignore the problem and stick to safe,  feel good, come to Jesus sermons and adding another "how to" Bible study.  In fact, I’ve been a member of 3 different denominations (Brethren, UCC and Lutheran) and I’ve never known Christianity in any form other than anti-life, anti-family, and anti-reproductive sex.  Not only have I never heard a sermon on the sin of abortion, I’ve never heard a sermon on the joys of marriage (except at the church wedding). Only the Roman Catholic church and perhaps Orthodox, but I haven’t researched that, elevates the role of male and female, marriage and family; and even some liberal European priests and bishops are getting squishy and caving to society’s desire to destroy God’s plan for creation. Most practicing Catholics I know, and their political leaders like Pelosi, Biden and Kerry, support abortion and contraception and ignore their church’s teaching.