Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump is now THE candidate--no agreement on speech

Washington Post was offering readers paragraphs about Mrs. Trump's speech long after it was old news, not mentioning when Obama, an actual candidate in 2008 touted for being such a wonderful speaker, used Deval Patrick's "Just Words" speech (quoting many Americans) or Biden's challenge with borrowing a good line or three. From the Trump campaign's point of view, I suppose all was good if it keeps his name up front. Free publicity.

"The recurring theme of lawlessness, and Trump's determination to stop it, may be the most stark line of demarcation between the two parties. When Democrats hear that, they think racism, which is funny because what that tells you is that they think of black people as criminals who are most put at risk by the enforcement of laws. When Trump says it, he's talking about black and white people alike being protected from criminals." (Dan Calabrese, Herman Cain website)

I do find this odd. Violent crime, although on an uptick under Obama the last 2 years, is at historical lows. Why do Democrats fail to acknowledge the success of Bill Clinton's legacy--The Omnibus Crime Bill?

I did love Laura Ingraham's speech.  Well worth watching.

Friday, July 22, 2016


The latest government acronym that will increase your medical cost and lower your quality of service is MACRA, The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. It was signed into law over a year ago and is the “law of the land” now with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress and with much lobbying and cheerleading from medical associations. Obama even joked about having Republicans on board.  And MACRA is very lengthy and very detailed legislation. 962 pages. Does your doctor have time to read it? Efficient, quantifiable, homogenized, controlled and dehumanized. We might get a Drexit.

"As many as 58 percent of surveyed physicians would opt to join a larger organization to mitigate individual risk and have access to a greater array of resources. Eighty percent saw physician consolidation as an inevitability under MACRA, with half of physicians viewing financial pressures as the top driver of consolidation."  I suspect this is the true purpose of MACRA.  No independent doctors.

The list of suggestions for change looks as long as the legislation.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

How taste in beauty changes

Blue hair. That's what we called women over 65 when I was a kid. It was mean, but that's how kids are. And green hair was for a bad blonde rinse poorly applied. Now hair is lime green, purple, burgundy and polkadot, but on young women. What skin shade looks good with purple hair? And men wear orange running shoes with pink shoe laces and man buns. A nose ring used to be for bad tempered bulls, now they're for baristas serving $5 cups of latte. When I served coffee in the 1950s it was ten cents and if you smiled you could get a quarter tip. A nose ring would have gotten you fired. Tattoos used to be for tough guys, usually military, now they are walking art galleries with skin as the canvas stretched across big bellies and skinny calves and no one knows who the artist is.

Not sure a subjective view cuts it

. . . the researchers looked at 65 different mortality risk factors as they tracked participants through the later years of their lives. Once the number crunching was finished, the factor that rose to the top was surprisingly simple and straightforward.

The most sensitive measure of longevity was the individual’s own subjective evaluation of how healthy he or she felt. In other words, a person reporting that he or she feels healthy outweighed any other single predictor of a long life, including any medical measures such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure.'

It's hard for someone with diabetic neuropathy or COPD to report "I feel healthy." Unless they lie.  Unless they just haven't been to the doctor in years and don't know better.  Having a positive attitude and a fulfilling life is different.  I have a friend about 80 with a wonderful sense of humor, bright fulfilling volunteer life, and so many ailments she should be in a text book.

Bikers in Cleveland


Maybe you think this is harsh?  Picture an end-term abortion, and get back to me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Speeches by First Ladies

I've now read more FLOTUS speeches than I care to, and they all talked about parents, hard work, strong values being passed on to their husband and self. Just about the only time Democrats talk about that without charges of racism and white privilege. After all, Obama was raised in a white family and his grandmother was a banker who sent him to private schools. I still think Elizabeth Dole's speech in 96 was the best ever, and no one can borrow from that one. FYI: I'm watching NBC--it is devoting more time to this than necessary. Has NBC ever found fault with the Obamas?

However, if you don't like a candidate the wife is fair game it seems.  I remember when a group from the American Library Association refused to attend (or maybe picketed) a speech by Laura Bush, a former librarian and big supporter of reading and archives.  ALA is so left it could fall off the planet. And I remember people on the right criticizing Mrs. Obama for her toned arms! She always looks great, and is a great role model for girls who can't get out of jeans, but detractors couldn't see it.

I read one account that Michelle’s speech 8 years ago was the same as that 7 habits of highly successful people book. But can’t imagine why Trump's campaign staff wasn’t more careful. At least she didn’t say it was the first time she’d been proud of her country. Although, maybe she did—I didn’t hear the speech.

I was a speech writer for a state politician in my 1983 job for the state of Ohio; it was a lot of cut and paste from her old speeches plus mixing in current issues, then making sure it had her rhythm and style. In those days you didn’t have the internet for checking word phrases.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bursitis and walking update

Finally, I saw a sunrise. I'm getting 6-7 miles a day in walking, and mornings are best. All broken into small segments of one mile or less so I don't risk inflammation.  I use only the flat, east-west streets of Lakeside which indicate where the shore line was about 8-10,000 years ago.  We had a glacier in this area of the U.S. and then that darn climate change and global warming.  It was very hazy today, and promises to be very hot, but those first few moments as the sun pops over the horizon are glorious.

 I've seen several people using hiking poles, and when checking I seek trekking, hiking, walking, shock absorbing, ultralight, women's, cork, rubber, etc. Sure looks better than using a cane.

One woman I saw with walking poles is getting ready for the 500 mile Camino in Northern Spain where hikers stop at monasteries, villages and churches. She did it several years ago, and is planning another one. She talked about it for a Women's Club program.

Dockside church service

Maybe Windows 10 photo feature isn't so bad after all. I think it auto corrects for wrinkles. It even cleaned up the ladies behind us. Actually, by the time the service started, it was packed. Sometimes over flows to park area.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Now you can be on the Ferguson Grand Jury

  What happened in Ferguson that makes ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ a lie and "Hands up don't shoot" a fake? This is all a myth - an evil nasty story that has no relation to the truth, but has led to the deaths of many police officers and life time crippling injuries of others.

There was a Grand Jury investigation into the shooting and that has been made into a play. It is verbatim eyewitness testimony with nothing added. It's the truth. Now you can judge. But it is an hour and 22 minutes, but riveting. The set and costume design are amazing, as are the actors. The creator--the man who used only the words of the testimony--is Phelim McAleer and it was performed by professional actors on stage in Los Angeles. Now you can see it on YouTube.  But you can also see how witnesses see things differently, and how some are mentally unstable or frightened.

"If Michael Brown had just stopped running, it could have ended another way." Eyewitness

Donald Trump has a new voter

Harry writes:  "Sitting at a stop-light, I was rear-ended last night on Bruckner Boulevard by a beat-up old Toyota going about 15 mph. No damage to my crash-resistant rear bumper, but whiplash to my neck. I got out of the car to confront the driver of the other car, and discovered it had no license plates, and there were four Mexican occupants (speaking Mexican Spanish). I asked for his drivers' license and insurance five times. No response. He sat in his car, looking terrified. Finally, one of the other occupants got out of the car, and offered me $5 cash for my troubles. I could have called 911 for the cops, but this is Deblasio's New York. I thanked the Mexican offering me the cash for his generosity, rejected his donation, and drove off. My neck aches, and Donald Trump has another voter."

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Obama and race relations

President Barack Obama began his administration by criticizing Boston police for responding to a break in call from a neighbor. As it turned out, the man owned the home, had forgotten his key, was trying to get in, and he was black, a friend of Obama's, Louis B. Gates of PBS. Well, I live in a condo complex of 30 units and I don't know all my neighbors, and I too would call the police if I saw a break in attempt. But Obama made it about race. And today, he has to speak out yet again after exacerbating race relations for the last 8 years.

Now we have three more police dead, after five dead in Dallas, and Obama making things worse.  I hope he doesn't decide to speak at their funeral.