Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our anniversary present

This is our anniversary painting, Cloudwork by Rick Dziak.  Most years this is what we do, although last year was a bit more expensive with a trip to Spain where we celebrated with Martti and Riitta Tulamo.  I walked down to the hotel to meet the artist with a check after talking to his wife, and while I was there a man was being celebrated for his 80th birthday by a bagpiper named Patrick. Fun to watch and hear.  I checked the internet for "bagpiper for hire" and there are many sites.

Are you still voting for Hillary?


I say this as someone who supported Carly and then Cruz; and as someone who'd rather have seen Jindal, Perry, Walker, or Rubio (at a minimum) there instead. This election is not a test of moral probity. Rather it is a test of reality. If Trump does not win, Hillary will. It doesn't matter whether you don't like that: it is fact. The choice, therefore, is between the two and no one else (if you live in a state that is certain to go for Hillary, vote for whomever you want, sure; but if you live in a state that has even a prayer of not falling to Hillary, you should vote Trump). Why?

1. Forget about Trump. Think about the 8,000 partisan political appointees. Trump does not impress his imprimatur upon each and every one of them. But today, those are 8,000 radical leftists, Cloward-Piven, Alinskyite, Valerie Jarrett signed, sealed and delivered people who despise America. Any Republican -- even Kasich, whom I utterly despise -- would replace 99% of the 8,000 with 8,000 Republicans. Whom do you think makes the detailed policies, writes the regulations, stifles the economy, cooks the books on a day-to-day basis? So vote Trump and get 8,000 Republicans or let Hillary win and get another 4-8 years of unrepentant leftists.

2. Radical Islam. Even if you believe nothing Trump has said, he is simply not a good enough actor or talent to be bs'ing his way through this. Hillary is another Obama, ready, with Huma Abedin, whose family has a proud history of supporting shari'a and the Muslim Brotherhood, to allow the religion of misogyny, death to gays, FGM, and the murder, torture and rape of innocents to continue its rampage (Merkel is, by Hillary's own admission, a "great leader" (see Time Magazine, 2016)). Trump may be many things but he is not shari'a compliant nor does he have any tolerance for Islamic terror.

3. LEOs vs. BLM. Just yesterday, in Akron, Ohio, a group of BLM "supporters" savagely beat 5 white men because they were white. Race relations are at a nadir because all Obama sees is race. Hillary is the same. Trump may be boorish, he may have tortured grammar, but he doesn't give a damn what color anyone is. The left's cries of "Nazi, racist," etc. are all one needs to know to see the fatuousness of such claims. Hillary has a history of hating the military and the police; Trump, the opposite.

4. Criminalization of the DOJ, EPA, IRS. Plus destruction of the FCC, sale of the Internet to International "oversight." Is there one chance in a trillion Hillary will fix any of these? No. Trump certainly may and to say he would be as crooked as Hillary is absurd. Anyone would be in prison -- except Hillary. Trump included. His sins are venial; Hillary's are mortal.

5. The perfect is the enemy of the good. The good is the enemy of the OK. There is no perfect candidate. Maybe not even a good candidate. But Trump is a billion times better than Hillary for the reasons I have articulated. It does no good to say: I stand for the Constitution and therefore I am #NeverTrump. What good does that do you when Hillary finishes Obama's evisceration. You cannot save the dead patient.

6. Which leads not just to SCOTUS but to all the appellate courts. Hillary wants to eviscerate the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and likely the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th. Loretta Lynch has already advocated the criminal prosecution of both climate change "deniers" and those who would "slander the prophet of Islam." Whom do you think Hillary will appoint? Well, we already know her AG: Lynch. The rest will be a mix of Obamas, Lani Guiniers and Eric Holders, because, folks, that's how she rolls and that's who she is. Even Trump's worst selections couldn't be "more worse" than Hillary's. It's like asking what would be worse than an asteroid impact that destroyed the Earth? A bigger asteroid that still destroyed it?

7. The company you keep. Trump's been hanging out with Giuliani. Today John Bolton endorsed him. Dennis Prager has, too. Even Christie is a living god compared to Loretta Lynch. And Newt compared to whom? John Podesta? And what about Pence? Yeah, he's sure some radical leftist. Trump will not make every decision himself. No President does. So look to those around him. Reagan was a great President because he relied on real conservatives and on CATO for economics. Bush immediately went to the Eastern Establishment, so no surprise he went all-in on taxing (Bush I) and compassionate conservatism (spending like a drunken sailor - Bush II). Bush II also gave us the "religion of peace," courtesy of Michael Gerson. There are many reasons to believe, based on the company he's been keeping, that Trump will be better than Bush II.

8. Trade. Trump is big on bluster. He has no more chance of passing Smoot-Hawley II than Reagan had of outlawing all abortions. So it's pointless to go there. The worst that Trump could do isn't something he can do or is going to do. It's impractical.

9. Acceptance. You needn't like Trump. You needn't be a Trumpkin. You can recognize that, without a teleprompter, he's unrestrained and boorish (which is a lot better than I-haven't-given-a-press-conference-in-5,000 millennia-Hillary, since at her last one she uttered the timeless line "wipe it, like with a cloth," sure to go down as one of the great epistemological statements of all time, right up there with Aquinas's proofs of God).

10. A Republic, if you can keep it. Hillary can't and won't and doesn't want to. Just like Obama. Trump may barely understand, formally, what a Republic is, but he is an American. He doesn't hate our country. And isn't it about time we had a President who didn't hate our country and who had the cojones to tell the purveyors of shari'a into which volcanic orifice of Hell they should crawl?

Do you have Amazon Prime on file?

Anna reports:  "My Public Service Announcement for the day. Don't keep a credit card number on file at Amazon. I had a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime last November/December and cancelled it at the time. The other day I got an email from Amazon telling me that the credit card I had on file at Amazon (so I could do one-click ordering) was no good (it had gotten hacked, so we shut it down a couple of months ago), so they had been unable to charge me $99 to renew my Amazon Prime. I didn't have a current Amazon Prime account that was due for renewal. Amazon just decided out of the blue to bill my card for a year's subscription, just because it was there and they could. Thank goodness the card was no good. I have removed all credit card info from Amazon. So it will take me a few more clicks to order. I can deal with that."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Obama and Clinton bad mouth the one percenters but take their pay to play

"At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released SO FAR to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.
Donors who were granted time with Clinton included an internationally known economist who asked for her help as the Bangladesh government pressured him to resign from a nonprofit bank he ran; a Wall Street executive who sought Clinton's help with a visa problem and Estee Lauder executives who were listed as meeting with Clinton while her department worked with the firm's corporate charity to counter gender-based violence in South Africa. . . .Clinton met with representatives of at least 16 foreign governments that donated as much as $170 million to the Clinton charity." . 
Who will have the time to vet before the election the 6,000 donors who have already provided the Clinton charity with more than $2 billion?  Certainly not our "free press."
Is this the best of the Democrat party?  First they cheat all the American people, then their own party.

Why do liberals lie about poverty? Follow the money.

Liberals lie.
Not sure why.
Their money funnel
 Down the tunnel.
Lies sell their books
and makes them crooks.
It's greed

Based on self-reports of consumer spending, “extreme poverty” has been practically nonexistent for three decades yet these researchers are selling books claiming extreme poverty exists in America. Liberals report that millions in America are poorer than the “disabled beggars of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.”

 "According to spending data reported by the families themselves, the number of families with children living on $2 per person per day is not 1 in 25, as Edin and Shaefer contend, but 1 in 4,469."

Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner the Monday movie at Lakeside

Last night here at Lakeside we went to see the movie Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner. It was really an excellent film, great acting, particularly by Garner and the children, very high on production, directing and photography, and not preachy or maudlin. I went with Lynn and Rob Berridge from our church, then we came back here to the cottage for chocolate pie and a great discussion. It would be a great movie for your church group.  Or if you're looking for something to watch in the coming cold winter nights and a dish of popcorn . . .

Monday, August 22, 2016

Warning for travelers to Iran from State Department

"The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Iran. This replaces the Travel Warning for Iran dated March 14, 2016, to reiterate and highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans." This is the State Department web site warning. Do you suppose $400 million in ransom might have anything to do with their kidnapping motives? Hillary's e-mails got one Iranian-American killed.

The 19th amendment

Last week was the anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, the right of women to vote in the U.S. I'm trying to think of a political movement since 1920 where it made any difference. Women were the ones who got the 18th amendment passed, and that was before they could vote. They were powerful in the emancipation of slaves movement and the equal protection for former slaves in the 14th amendment. They rolled up their sleeves and taught in schools, and ran the underground railroad for those escaping. In all states and townships before 1920 it was women pushing the education and public health issues, getting regulations in place and laws passed. Women's groups in churches collectively raised millions to support missionaries. But in recent years, all I hear from women is something vague about "health care," which is code for the right to abort their children. They are still letting the men do the heavy lifting. And now a very small group of women are delighted to have a female crook running for President. The rest of us, not so much.

Maybe you don't like Trump

But he hasn't used his e-mail server to get anyone killed.

Is it time to bring back DDT

Mosquitoes kill more people than any other creature on earth--even man himself. But environmentalists (today we would call them climate alarmists) were successful in the 1970s with the inaccurate book by Rachel Carson at getting DDT banned, the most effective tool for controlling them. Now we go to war against tanks, planes and bombs armed with home made bows and arrows and bed nets. Yes, all insects eventually come immune to pesticides, but don't pull out the troops before the country is secured and safe, like from new groups called ISIS. Now Zika is here. I see footage of men in yellow suits (or no protection at all) spraying, I don't know what, and I don't know how safe or effective. Will DDT be brought back; are these mosquitoes immune? Will the tree huggers and egg inspectors win again at the expense of the lives of millions of children?

Monday Memories--Mom's pickles

My children have such wonderful memories of my mother, and they are now at the age (late 40s) where nostalgia is really kicking in. When they were small, we'd vacation at her farmhouse near Franklin Grove, Illinois, which has recently been sold by my brother who lived there a few years after moving back to Illinois from Florida. So they remember working with her in the garden, mowing the yard, or picking raspberries, or playing in the dusty barn, or using the building blocks stored in the living room window seat.  I did those same things when I was a child, so it's a pleasant shared memory. Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me photos of her 21 jars of pickles using a recipe my mother had given her 23 years ago. That desire skipped right over me. I canned a few jars when I was 17 and decided it was way too much work to do again. But I will certainly enjoy a pint of these beauties.

Mom working in her garden, watercolor by my husband

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jim Kettlewell, 67 of Canton, Ohio

We attended the memorial service for Jim Kettlewell at Chautauqa Park and Memorial Garden this afternoon. It seems all his friends felt they'd always known him, yet he'd only been a part of our Lakeside community for 6 years. He'd joined the Navy right out of high school and one person said it's perhaps there he learned to get along with all different types. It's definitely where he learned the bakery business.  He was a vice president of Nickles Bakery of Navarre, Ohio, and many of us remember his fascinating talk about the technology and marketing of bakery products he gave during one of our final weeks of the season, and sent us home with loaves of raisin bread.  I've been buying Nickles products ever since.  He was just that engaging.
I sat beside him Thursday afternoon at a book review, and saw him that night across the room at Hoover Auditorium with some of his grandchildren.  I heard the ambulance Friday morning when I was on my walk, but that it might be Jim never occurred to me.  In recent years, since retirement, he'd been taking classes at Kent, and I'm sure the young students who sat beside him in class gained as much as those of us who sat beside him in Lakeside lectures.  He was an avid reader and writer, and  in retirement began writing poetry.  He'd been planning to go to Ireland in a few days with his wife and a few friends, but we wish him the best on this latest trip and adventure which no one expected (died in his sleep 3 days ago).

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Choose romaine lettuce for your salad

"Not all lettuce is created equal, but if you start your meal with a salad made of romaine lettuce you will be sure to add not only a variety of textures and flavors to your meal but an enormous amount of nutritional value. The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber found in romaine lettuce are especially good for the prevention or alleviation of many common health complaints.  Due to its extremely low calorie content and high water volume, romaine lettuce is often overlooked in the nutrition world as a very nutritious food. Based on its nutrient richness, our food ranking system qualified it as an excellent source of vitamin A (notably through its concentration of the pro-vitamin A carotenoid, beta-carotene), vitamin K, folate, and molybdenum. Romaine lettuce also emerged from our ranking system as a very good source of dietary fiber, four minerals (manganese, potassium, copper, and iron), and three vitamins (biotin, vitamin B1, and vitamin C). " From The world's healthiest foods.

Today we enjoyed bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches on our deck in Lakeside with our friend Harry Parsons from Columbus.  The lettuce was indeed, romaine. He had grown the tomatoes and also baked the zucchini bread which was so tasty.

Tim Kaine needs to review history

The "I'm Catholic but" candidate for the vice presidency seems to think white Americans need to repent for the years of slavery.  Let's look at that.

 Slavery was an economic fact of life for centuries all over the world. Europeans were highly prized slaves in northern Africa. The Englishman who wrote "Amazing Grace" spent years as a slave. Slavery was imported to the colonies by the Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch, who bought them from Arabs who bought them from tribal chiefs within the African interior.  How far back does Kaine wish to go?  The U.S.A. went to war to stop it. You can say all you want about states' rights and other economic reasons, but it was slavery; says so in the cessation documents that created the Confederacy.

Slavery exists today in larger numbers than in the 18th century. There are African children working in mines so you can talk on your cell phone and set up illegal servers in homes of politicians. There are Asian children, boys and girls, trafficked on the streets by their pimps in tourist areas. Also, millions of Americans are descended from immigrants who came after slavery ended, and millions of others are descended from blacks who owned slaves at a higher rate than whites, particularly in the south.

If we need to repent, Democrats can say a few words about their terrorist arm the KKK and how Democrat Congressmen even in my life time were members of the KKK. Democrats can repent of how they institutionalized Jim Crow laws to hold blacks down after the Civil War, and how they now use abortion and welfare to achieve the same goals. Yes, Democrats could repent of legalizing abortion and including it in their political platform for the last 2 decades, killing a disproportionate number of black babies.

Trump visits the flood victims in Louisiana

I don't agree when candidates, Democrat or Republican, depict blacks as unemployed, with poor housing and bad schools, as Trump did when appealing for their vote during his recent visits in Wisconsin and Louisiana. Whites out number blacks in poverty and crime statistics, but the incredible gains of blacks in the 21st century, particularly during the Bush years, are amazing. Their rate of enrolling in college has exceeded whites since 2008. Their life expectancy has soared. Not only do we have a black president who has filled many important posts with blacks, as did Bush before him, we have black governors, Congress members, mayors, principals, business owners, first responders (percent of minority police exceeds national figures), military big wigs, investors, hedge fund managers, and just plain folks doing extremely well, living "the American dream," however that is defined. From the candidates down to ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, we do a tremendous disservice always playing down accomplishments of any group of Americans, and we help stir up feelings of victimhood.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Too busy golfing with Bain Capital partner

"President Obama has given no indication he will interrupt his two week vacation in exclusive Martha’s Vineyard to visit the flood victims. The president played another round of golf Thursday with television star Larry David [Bernie Sanders impersonator] and Bain Capital co-managing partner Jonathan Lavine." . . . Bain Capital. Where have I heard that name before? Hmmm. Isn't that the dirty, greedy firm that all the leftist publications from the Beast to HuffPo to Rolling Stone crucified and smeared Romney for in 2012 because of his 1990 connection? Ah, isn't our media just a hoot? This is a 2-fer.

Diversity doesn't build community and is not a Biblical concept

The focus by the preacher of the week at Lakeside, Aug. 14-19, has been "community." I've only attended one session, but it has given us and our neighbors a lot to talk about as we walk to programs together, have neighborhood pot lucks, sail together, picnic together in the park, and check each others homes and pets for safety. I've decided the sense community comes much faster in a gated community with a common cultural base, which in our case is Christianity. Lakeside began as a community of Methodists, in the days before Methodists and EUB became United Methodist and is now becoming the un-United Methodists due to social issues. Lakeside welcomes all faiths or non-faiths, but the veneer is Christian in values and it is gated, requiring a photo ID gate pass, costs money to come in because the residents pay the taxes, association dues and keep the place going (hmm, not unlike the USA). There are three Sunday services with different styles and vespers in the evening, plus a preacher of the week (probably over half are women, and mostly liberal).
And that happens in other groups, too. There are cruises advertised for gays and also for blacks and for singles. We did a European cruise for U. of I. Alumni as well as other trips, and it was an instant common place for a beginning. (Cruise friendships usually don't last, however.)  Our Lutheran church did a mixed cruise of the Holy Land with a Greek Orthodox Church and although we were all friendly, after the pot lucks and cruise, we never saw them again, although we met new friends who are members of our church. Even if your church welcomes gays, singles, Muslims, Catholics, inner city, or college students, I'm guessing they'll still support their own congregations or feel more comfortable with their group. We have a Chinese family who are members of UALC who still are active in the Columbus Chinese Christian church where they can sing and preach and do service projects in their heart language. Singles clubs on the internet and at home will continue to meet despite your efforts of inclusion. Why do you think that happens? Are the companies, cruise lines and churches prejudiced or against diversity? No. It's community; shared interest. Particularly shared sense of family and faith.
When our church went to nine-ten-eleven (varies) communities on three campuses in three cities(Hilliard, Upper Arlington and Columbus) which came together only for projects or service events or concerts (with different styles of worship and an assigned preacher) we stopped being one type of Christian community--a congregation of Lutherans-- and became nine non-denominational communities.  Seeing a friend in the Narthex or parking lot is just an extension of worship; it's part of community. Now we see friends of 40 years ago only at funerals and concerts.

32% of Louisiana is black; where is the president?

Obama during the 2012 election period was immediately on the scene of Hurricane Sandy which hit the northeastern states in a "perfect storm" swamping many cities.  Great photo ops with Chris Cristie. He's made no appearance in the hard hit, flooded Louisiana.  He's on vacation golfing. He bitterly harangued President Bush for flying over Hurricane Katrina and allowing the Democrat governor of the state and Democrat mayor of New Orleans use their plans.  Setting a plane down in the midst of disaster relief areas with all the security needed for a president was not considered a good excuse by him. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lakeside snippets

As I was walking to the evening program at Hoover in Lakeside last night I saw a couple walking on Maple going toward the lake. She was talking so loudly I thought perhaps the man was deaf and had forgotten his hearing aids. But no. He was videoing their walk through Lakeside on his phone, and she was loudly speaking the voice-over. They may have been skyping for someone, or saving it for thier own memories.

Today on my walk I noticed there was a 2000 Porsche Boxster convertible up the street with a for sale sign, $1500. That didn't sound right. Beautiful car. Even if it doesn't run, it would look nice parked in front of your house.  So our neighbor Tom and I went up and looked at it and talked to the guy's wife. She said someone put the sign up as a joke, because he'd never part with that car. Used on the internet a 2000 Boxster goes for about $8,000.

I don't know how they find me, but I get a lot of offers to review books and have guests write for my blog. I used to do several a year, and during the primary campaign I received all sorts of very nice books (I always ask for paper because I don't like e-books). But today I got one on how to deal with a controlling boyfriend. Well, I won't post that interview, I've got a 2 word response. "Dump him." He's not going to change and if you were attracted to him in the first place you've got some serious soul searching to do!

My husband has been eating Oreos since he was a little kid. For years, he had a special method of dunking them in cold milk. This week I bought a new flavor (since the brand is now part of a global corporation there have been many new flavors) called Choco-chip Oreos with artificially flavored creme. They weren't kidding about that "artificially" either--neither one of us could place it. So he ate two, said, "Bleh, these are awful," and ate a chocolate covered Twinkie to get the taste out of his mouth.

Have you ever been walking or driving behind a woman out for exercise and asked yourself, "Does she know what she looks like from behind?" To answer that time honored question, Yes, I do. But I'm doing it anyway before it gets too hot.

What's up with the Never Trumpsters? The Trumpumpkins?

"In the land of NeverTrump, it turns out one American is more reviled than Donald Trump. This would be the Donald Trump VOTER.

Lincoln famously described government as of, by, and for the people. Even so, the people are now getting a hard lesson about what happens when they reject the advice of their betters and go with a nominee of their own choosing." WSJ, William McGurn.

Trump made a very sensible, measured speech in Wisconsin. He even used a Teleprompter. You can't slice and dice these words. He called Clinton a bigot. Which she is. But I don't think the RINOs, the Democrats or the media are happy, even though they claimed they wanted something different from him.

"Donald Trump made a new and explicit plea for the support of black voters on Tuesday, saying the Democratic Party had “failed and betrayed” them and accusing Hillary Clinton of “bigotry” in the pursuit of minority voters. “We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes — that’s all they care about — not as individual human beings worthy of a better future,” Trump said at a rally in Wisconsin." (Politico)

"Good policing saves lives. My dear friend, Rudy Giuliani, knows a thing or two about this. The policies put into place by Rudy ultimately brought down crime by 76 percent and murder by 84 percent. Think of how many families were saved, how much heartache was prevented, when police were put into communities and criminals were removed." (Donald Trump)

 The Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994 was passed during Bill Clinton's Administration and by cutting crime in half has saved thousands of black lives. Now his wife and our current president support ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬. Liberals now say it was punitive and crime was coming down anyway. But liberals have never lived in those neighborhoods and never really cared about the people. Just the votes.

"The time for opposition was during the primaries. But now, for better or worse, the issue is settled. Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage, but the fact is their stance is profoundly immoral; sore losers, they demand a rules change after the game is over, and refuse to accept the results." (PJ Media, Michael Walsh)