Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lakeside 2019, Week 9, the rest of the story

Before starting on Week 10, first I have to say good-bye to Week 9.  Wonderful closing performance of the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra on Friday, August 16 with Angelin Chang performing Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor by Camille Saint-Saens.  Then after intermission, the LSO performed Symphony no. 1 in C minor by Brahms.

Friday morning we had our last class on clutter (Organization 101).  One of the best stories was told by one in the audience who had collected elephants and needed to “let it go.”  He had 3,000 of them.  So he took a statue of 4—2 adults, an adolescent and a baby, all connected trunk to tail.  It weighed 1,000 pounds.  He decided to have it made into his grave marker and found a company that would do it!  In life the instructor suggested we all need to learn “Let it Go” whether that be material accumulation or personal grievances.

In the afternoon Gretchen Curtis reviewed Marilla of Green Gables which is a prequel to Anne of Green Gables.  I’d never read the Anne series, but Gretchen always does such a nice job, it didn’t really matter.  Sat with my neighbor Dorothy.

There were several friends from UALC at Lakeside during Week 9, and for the Wednesday night picnic we all gathered at Perry park (east end), along with our neighbors Scott and Carol, to share a huge table.  Shout out to Mary, Carol, Kelly and David, plus 2 of their friends from Westerville.  It was a fun evening of hot dogs, chips, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon and cookies.

I found the morning lectures somewhat disappointing for Week 9.  The speaker was Jack Barlow of Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa.(Church of the Brethren college).  His conservative  vita looked good, Claremont Graduate School and Carleton College, but he definitely leaned left. He didn't call our Constitution "evolving" or "plastic," but that was the sense I had.  After the Tuesday lecture during the Q & A I raised that issue, and asked him if his students would feel free to disagree (virtually all institutions of high learning weed out conservatives so now there are very few among ranks of faculty, even in religious private institutions). He didn't deny being liberal, but assured the audience it didn't affect his students.  That's odd.  I picked up on it immediately, and if I were a student, I think I'd know how to frame my papers or answers to please a professor.  Anyway, after the lecture there were 5 or 6 people who came up to me an whispered they were so happy I spoke up.  The fact they had to whisper is indicative of the anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias we face here. Then as I headed home, a man caught up with me on Walnut and said he admired me for saying something.  He was not a "Lakesider" as we think of it, and was only in town two days, being a regular at Chautauqua, NY.  He and his wife talked to me for about 10 minutes, saying they were from West Virginia and had been on a very interesting trip including Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc., and decided to stop in Lakeside since they'd never heard of it before this trip. He too had lost long time friends and family for being a conservative and voting for Trump.

Monday night we thoroughly enjoyed the silent movie selection "The Kid Brother," (1927) with Harold Lloyd.  The organist was Clark Wilson, and he gave an intro and provided a wonderful background  for the movie.  Tuesday night was the program Bob had been looking forward to--a classical guitarist playing with the Symphony Orchestra--Colin Davin.

The opening of Week 9 (Saturday August 10) was Brian Regan, a comedian, and we'd never heard of him, but he's apparently popular on late night TV, because the place was packed with an overflow crowd standing in the back of Hoover.  Very clean, no rough language.  Nothing political.  A great show.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Steve Kings remark on rape and incest

Democrat media are trying to portray Steve King's comment on family trees as excusing rape and incest. Not at all. It's just a fact. History, not emotion, and Democrats hate that. He's simply saying those children are a part of the human race, part of us, regardless of the sins of their mothers and fathers. If you chopped off all those branches in your family tree, you'd have a stump. The current craze for DNA family searches has shown that many people do not have the fathers (usually) or family they imagined. Many family genealogies have "aunts" who were actually the mother, or an uncle, grandfather or cousin who were the father. But there it is--in the census and the insert in the Bible record. I used to be part of an e-mail genealogy group, and was amazed at the stories I read of old family secrets before the DNA tests. . . one I recall was a man impregnating his wife's younger sister and her being hidden, then married off and whisked out of state then languishing in a mental institution and the child given away. Democrats see that as immoral, but not aborting a person who might grow up to be a very ordinary citizen, or a very exceptional scientist is OK.

Civilian populations, particularly women, suffered greatly in wars going back centuries, and in Latin class we translated the "Rape of the Sabine Women." You can call it "abduction," but they helped populate Rome. American Indians did the same thing.  Muslims tried and almost succeeded in taking over Christian Europe, but over time turned whole populations Muslim. Africans were exported all over the world mostly to South America (only 6% came to North America) to be slaves. Or more recently in this century, when many of the young Nigerian Christian school girls were freed from Boko Haram--many were pregnant or carrying toddlers.

Just because we have Planned Parenthood clinics down the street or across town in a black or low income neighborhood, doesn't mean we're free of this. Democrats are the ones saying only certain lives matter--the ones in our party, our victims--not your party or your victims. They are the ones pushing eugenics and selling body parts. Democrats for decades have said most children conceived outside and some inside marriage are not worthy if they are inconvenient, a source of shame or disabled.

Look back a few years, decades or centuries, and you'll find this in your own family tree.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Elizabeth Warren and her wealth, as reported in Wall St. Journal

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) likes to talk a lot about an affordability crisis in higher education. Fortunately for Ms. Warren and her husband, there’s no crisis at all for the people who work there.

This week Forbes magazine estimates the net worth of various 2020 presidential candidates. While it’s no surprise that a number of former business and finance executives come to the campaign with sizable fortunes, what’s remarkable is how much wealth is now attainable for those in the allegedly non-profit sector of the U.S economy.

Dan Alexander, Chase Peterson-Withorn and Michela Tindera of Forbes estimate that Sen. Warren and her husband enjoy a net worth of $12 million. According to Forbes:

Teachers aren’t paid so poorly after all—at least not Harvard professors. Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, both longtime instructors at the university, have built up a small fortune through years of teaching, writing and consulting. Their largest holdings include TIAA and CREF accounts—available to educators and nonprofit employees—worth more than $4 million. One of their best investments has been their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, purchased in 1995 for $447,000. It’s now worth an estimated $3 million.

The couple purchased the home around the time that Ms. Warren stopped listing herself as a “minority” in the Association of American Law Schools directory. By that time she had won a contested tenure vote from the Harvard Law School faculty and as far as this column can tell she never again called herself “American Indian” in registering with a state bar association. In the years that followed Ms. Warren and her husband achieved healthy levels of wealth and income. According to Forbes, it’s possible that the Warren/Mann household is now worth even more than $12 million:

No one, not even the Democrats who spend the most time bashing Trump for his financial dealings, were willing to release full tax returns, file financial disclosures and answer all of Forbes’ questions about their personal finances. Elizabeth Warren, for example... wouldn’t give guidance on the true value of her husband’s investments, listed on her disclosures with a vague value of “over $1 million.” “

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Denigrating one’s own race/culture pays well

White liberal academics can earn more in a day lecturing about their own “white privilege” than the median black household makes in three months, public records obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation and U.S. Census data show.

I noticed this "cottage industry" back in the 1990s. Little workshops, discussion groups, "brown bag lunches" and optional classes making the rounds of college campuses and Christian churches (some of those disguised as attacking poverty). Now it's a massive industry with its own non-profits, bureaucracies, tangled associations for local, state and nation, CEOs, college careers, and required classes. Follow the money. It's the logical and financial outcome of the black studies, women studies, and now gender studies curricula. There was no place/jobs for those graduates, so one was created.

How contraception works

Understanding abortive contraception

From the beginning, hormonal birth control was based on deception. Hormonal birth control (the Pill, the Minipill, IUD, Norplant, the morning-after-pill, Depo-Provera, RU-486) has always had three possible functions.

The first, often most confused as the only function, is to prevent ovulation. If the first function fails, a possible second function is to thicken the mucus of the cervix so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. The third function, a function which all hormone based contraception has, is to thin the lining of the uterus so that the fertilized egg, the baby, is not able to implant in the uterus lining and is thus aborted (Alcorn 323-326, 332).

In early 1960, both Alan Guttmacher and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defined conception as the moment of fertilization, or when the egg meets the sperm. This caused a problem because abortion was illegal then, making their pill and the IUD illegal. So in order to make their birth control, or what they falsely called contraception, legal, they altered the definition of conception.

By 1970, both changed their position and claimed that conception begins with fertilization and ends with implantation in the uterus. In other words, it was not a baby until it was implanted into the uterus (Cavanaugh-O’Keefe, The Roots Chapter Eleven).

To this day, America is aborting millions of babies in the name of contraception.

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Hunt is disgusting

Universal Studios developed a film showing "elites" killing "deplorables." Hmm. Not surprising that the people who think a 9 month human fetus isn't human enough to have rights might come up with an idea to kill people who support Trump. And the release has only been postponed. Remember, these are the people who "believe in science," but can find 40+ genders but no humanity in a baby. These are the people who go before congress and blather about morality and the 2nd amendment or pesticides on apples.

“We stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film.”

Bold and visionary to kill Trump supporters as though we don't have enough crazies on social media. When is the right time to kill fellow Americans for political reasons?

Intentions don't bring results

"Conservatives have been saying for years that our inner cities are laboratories where the far-left experiments with policies based on feelings rather than facts. These big-government experiments have ended in failure, harming the very people the far left says it wants to help." Kay Coles James

And I might add, the leftists have been so successful at getting government funding and donations for their "think tanks" and 501-c3 and c4s, they are working their same magic in our upper income suburbs, vacation spots, and churches. Except they don't use the ploy of wanting to help us--but we must help others (as they pass the hat). They fund the marches, the protests and the blocking by Big Tech. Conservatives are doing what they've always done--they go to work, mind their own business, sing in the choir--and then shazam--their town, church and clubs have been taken over by the virtue signalers who say black lives matter and we believe in science (code for climate change).

Lakeside 2019, a great Sunday

A lovely church service on the lakefront, with breakfast at the Patio Restaurant.  Two friends, Mary Shesky and Carol Anderson, from our Church joined us in the afternoon, and Bob was able to participate in the kids sailing program.  Two other friends, the Kullbergs, from church had their grandchildren with them, and they requested "Captain Bob" for their 20 minute ride. In the late afternoon we enjoyed a terrific music group at the Gazebo, a group called "Moment's Notice," who began performing while they were in the Air Force at Wright Patterson (Dayton).  In the evening we enjoyed cake and ice cream with our summer pastor (now retired), Rev. Irwin Jennings and his wife Janet.

I'm feeling a big sluggish this morning--had to sit on a bench and enjoy the sunrise during my morning walk.  Tough, huh?  Too many calories on Sunday.

Taking out the Kullberg grandchildren

Enjoying the concert with Mary and Carol

Concert in the Park, "Moment's Notice"

Bob and Rev. Jennings

Friday, August 09, 2019

The media and the manifesto

The El Paso shooter had many concerns, most aligned with liberal and environmental policies and things promoted by the media, both social and MSM. Pollution, automation, environmental degradation, job losses--and his solution was murder. The manifesto was not inspired by Trump, but by his own demented hate. It was NYT who promoted the lie about Trump. But it's too late--a lie circles the globe before the truth can get its pants on. Or something like that paraphrasing Mark Twain. Progressives are always out of the gate before the sluggish sleepy conservatives in the lie races.!

If you are familiar with Byron York, you know he’s not a Trump fan.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Older people and protein needs

Today I attended a program on protein at the wellness center at Lakeside and wasn’t satisfied with what I heard.  Most of her references were 15-20 years old. Her citations for RDA were for the “universe” of adults, rather than the elderly, and most attending were over 70.   Here’s my recommendation when googling health information.  Add the letters NCBI to your search.  Here is “elderly protein ncbi”.

Lakeside 2019, Week 8, Thursday offerings

There are so many virtuous and wholesome offerings today.  I could go to a financial seminar, which I suspect will lead us to leaving part of our estate to Lakeside.  Or I could go to an Arbor Day picnic and learn about Lakeside Environment Stewardship Society.   Then there is the gardening program—how to be productive and healthy with a master gardener from Ottawa County. There is a composting seminar.   Then there is a Wellness Seminar about why is protein important in our diets.  The Rhein Center where Bob teaches is having its 20th anniversary celebration this evening. One thing is for sure: we will attend the evening program at Hoover, Ciaran Sheehan, Irish born actor and singer.

Follow the money

The SECOND most important reason for Democrats to demand "Medicare for All" or "single payer" (government) insurance is that $300 Billion exemption employers get for insuring their workers with a quality product tailored to their needs. Democrats believe that exemption is a "loophole" and really belongs to them to pass around to their friends so they can stay in office. The government actually built this odd system after WWII when it imposed controls on wages, and employers added benefits to get the best employees.

The first reason and biggest is control over your life choices and third is your health data which can be sold to the highest bidder.

Fourth is the victimhood mentality that has been pounded into minds of mush since the 1970s in public schools and higher education. It's a vote getter. It's more apparent in Gen-X and Millennials than Boomers, and almost unknown in my generation. In that mind set, it isn't fair that Whole Foods shoppers have better insurance than Walmart shoppers, even though the WF shopper is a "virtue signaler," better educated and well paid, and looks down on the schlubs who shop at Walmart, clean their homes and keep their toilets and automobiles running. In a "fair" world, everyone would only shop at Walmart and Whole Foods wouldn't exist. Choice wouldn't exist.