Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Truth is stranger than fiction

In Barbara Boxer's 2005 novel, A Time to Run, the "heroine's dilemma is presented by a journalist, Greg Hunter, with pronounced right-wing views. Hunter is a figure from the senator's past. They had been lovers while he was in college; he lost her to his roommate, Joshua Fischer. Joshua later dies in the middle of a campaign for Senate; Ellen steps into his place and wins, launching her political career. Now, Hunter has returned, bringing with him information that could derail the judicial nominee's appointment. Fischer is buffeted by new revelations about Hunter and a well-founded distrust of his motives." (Wikipedia) 

Hmm. Apparently it didn't get very good reviews, not even for the sex scenes.

How Puerto Rico managed the medical crisis of the hurricanes

Only 22% of us can meet the 2008 physical activity guidelines and only 12% meet the guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake. But if you had a heart attack, stroke or diabetes diagnosis in 2017 or 2018, is it President Trump's fault? That's what the Puerto Rico hurricane blame reminds me of. Dr. Myriam Allende-Vigo wrote an article for the August 21 JAMA about her practice and patients in Humacao. Here's what she reveals:

  • 1) Most of the people are poor--they live in rural barrios even though there are big, high-end resorts in the area.
  • 2) Because of their poverty, they didn't have generators, or the money to pay for diesel.
  • 3) After the storm, there was no power, no electricity, no refrigeration, no ice.
  • 4) Most of her patients have diabetes--they fhrew their insulin away unaware that it lasts a few days.
  • 5) Relief organizations and other pharmacies in other cities supplied insulin. Four distribution centers set up free insulin stations.
  • 6) Volunteer endocrinologists went to shelters and community centers to provide care.
  • 7) Within one week there were 10,000 federal relief workers in Puerto Rico.
  • 8) Within a few days, she had cell phone service (after hurricane Ike in 2008, some residents of Columbus, Ohio were without cell phones and electricity for 8 days). She with volunteers was attempting to contact her patients to educate them about eating, insulin and taking care of their feet. For reasons she didn't explain she couldn't get ahold of her staff for several weeks. By word of mouth, the patients began coming to the office.
  • 9) No EMR, so they went back to paper records and prescriptions.
  • 10) She never believed the death "official total" of 64.

  • Now what else did she say about the P.R. preparedness and local response?

    • 1) "We get hurricane warnings every year. But we never thought that we would be hit so hard and that it would take us so long to get back to normal."
      2) The U.S. government response was too slow. . . she admitted it takes a few days to get there by ship with supplies.
      3) Supplies stayed in the ports too long; "they" couldn't figure out how to distribute them. Whoa Nellie! That means the governors and mayors didn't know how to distribute the supplies the U.S. sent.
      4) While people were suffering "they" took a lot of time to get organized.
      5) P.R. needs infrastructure, a better power and communication system (this was a problem before the hurricane).
      6) Hospitals and her practice are now back to normal (mid-2018); most of her patients (whom she said were poor and rural) fared well and had ample medications and were able to buy generators.7
    • 7) Many physicians worked outside to take advantage of light--she is very proud at how the medical community responded.
    • 8) She thanked all the volunteers who came to the island to help and she would appreciate calls of encouragement.
      9) She did not thank FEMA, the President or the people of the U.S.A. for billions appropriated which the government of P.R. has been unable to organize and use

    The Kavanaugh accuser

    I saw an item at a pundit site that Christine Blasey-Ford, the 51-year-old woman who Dianne Feinstein found in the woodwork at the last minute, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her as a teenager, has a brother Ralph who worked for a law firm that later retained Fusion GPS, the primary “fixer” for the Clintons and the DNC. That doesn't sound like much of a trail of crumbs to follow since it was over a decade ago, but you just never know; she's reaching back 35 years to solve a sexual problem with her husband. Maybe a lie detector test for him? Ohr's (Dept. of Justice) wife also worked for Fusion GPS and had lived in Russia. It's like a private club for Democrat fixers in those DC suburbs.



    Monday, September 17, 2018

    Kennedy, Bork and Mary Jo

    Remember back about 30 years ago when Ted Kennedy who allowed an injured young woman to drown in his car made the same kind of smears we're hearing today? Ruthless. Yet the Democrats thought he was wonderful--kept reelecting him. They have engineered this smear to delay the hearings. Democrats have made the #MeToo movement a joke.



    Details on criminal aliens

    Everyone who's been screaming that Trump is a racist for his demands for security at the borders needs to read this GAO report on criminal aliens. First, remember that it was Obama who was called the "deporter in chief," and that the number of criminal aliens in federal prisons actually did go down during his second term. Second, read the COSTS carefully. Third, criminal aliens hide in communities that are Hispanic. Why do Democrats want them to be in danger while they claim to be their protectors?



    Sunday, September 16, 2018

    If the knife were in the other hand

    Farzad Fazeli, a 35-year-old man, attempted to stab Rudy Peters, who is the Republican nominee for California’s 15th Congressional District at a public festival. Allegedly he shouted anti-Trump, anti-Republican threats as reported by the victim and by-standers. As far as I know this remained a local story, but is faithfully being repeated at Republican websites as evidence of the hate that’s being stirred up by the likes of Maxine Waters who has given marching orders to hate on Republicans and Trump supporters. 99% of those listening to Maxine will clap, giggle and ignore her, but some take her seriously.

    If the knife had been in the hand of a Trump supporter, this would have been 24/7 coverage on CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet media. We know that from the experience of the tragedy of the Gabby Gifford shooting done by a deranged man who seemed to have no political motives at all.  The media began blaming Sarah Palin not just for her support of the 2nd Amendment, but because in her political ads she used the symbol/word, crosshairs. As far as I know, the media are not calling for knife confiscation or registration.

    Fazeli is a licensed security guard even though he has a criminal record.  He has anti-Trump rants on his Facebook page. Interesting.



    Saturday, September 15, 2018

    ELCA hits bottom

    It's shocking to read in the October issue of First Things how ELCA has gone down, down, down since our congregation left to join NALC. That said, it would have been better to leave in the 1990s when ELCA began disrespecting the unborn and accepting abortion for any reason --even gender--at any time during the pregnancy. The sexual perversion pushed on the kids at the 2018 Youth Gathering is not that far removed from that which eliminated many of their generation.

    Imagine a pastor leading impressionable teens in this disgusting chant.

    This year, concluding her speech, [Nadia Bolz-­Weber] she employed a blasphemous parody of the set of renunciations that parents or godparents are ex­pected to answer at a baptism: “Do you renounce the devil and all his empty promises?” One renunciation went: “Do you renounce the lie that Queerness is anything other than beauty?” And the youths dutifully chanted back: “I renounce them.”

    Sick, and that wasn’t even the worst of it.


    John Kerry, traitor






    Trump supporters have had their lives shredded and torn apart for even meeting with a Ukrainian, and Ukraine is not on Obama’s list of state sponsors of terrorism!

    Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs, Promote, a 5 year program which is failing

    USAID program to promote gender equality in Afghanistan and help women find employment is costing taxpayers over $200 million but has only found jobs for 55 women.

    This has the look and feel of some of the Obama stimulus programs in the ARRA that employed a few people at the cost of millions of tax dollars, while shutting down others that were working. However, the tone is definitely GW Bush. Bush freed more women than Lincoln did slaves, but he also believed in imposing western culture and norms on people still struggling to leave the 8th century. If Trump closes this down, the pink pussy hats will be out in force saying he's hurting women.


    Friday, September 14, 2018

    The Pope is still part of the problem, according to many Catholics

    "There are three takeaways from the announcement that came from the Vatican on Wednesday, of a gathering of the presidents of the world’s bishops’ conferences (in February 2019) to discuss “the protection of minors”:

    1) the pope is closing the barn door after the horse got out;
    2) the C9 cardinals had to twist the pope’s arm to close the door;
    3) when it comes to the moral rot in the clergy, high and low, the pope is still part of the problem.
    Christopher Altieri, The Catholic Thing, https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2018/09/14/two-on-the-crisis/

    Before 21st century Christians, particularly the non-Catholics, get their feathers fluffed and fur standing on end so they can look bigger, let's just remember that all the reprimands Paul wrote to the churches in the first century concerned all these sins--pornography, pederasty, false gods, impiety, every wickedness known to man, mutual degradation, worship of a creature, insolence, scandals in the church, gossip, murder, and so forth. Or, look at the revelation Jesus gave John with descriptions of the church--again first century--the favorite apostle was still alive and the Christians were already stumbling! People were claiming to be apostles who weren't! Members of the assembly of Satan! Kneeling at Satan's throne! Holding to the teachings of Balaam! Listened to a fake prophetess! Harlots! Incomplete works and a dead church.

    To each of the 7 churches, Jesus says, "I know your works."

    Why is Puerto Rico a mess and why is it Trump’s fault?

    I decided to research why Puerto Rico was such a financial mess before Hurricane Maria in 2017. I didn't do my usual careful 15 minutes, but spent about 3 minutes in Wikipedia, which would be a no-no if I were a student. Now I know. There are several roots to this problem--all white men, of course. 1) Christopher Columbus (1493), William McKinley (1900), Woodrow Wilson (1917), Richard Nixon (1973), and most recently Bill Clinton (1996), phasing out important parts of the favorable federal tax code over a ten-year period ending in 2006 (G.W. Bush). The U.S. did help make Puerto Rico weak, helpless and poorly run by making it a playground for the rich and providing billions to its corrupt officials, but Donald Trump was not part of that.

    Is Kerry an Iranian spy? Jeffrey Varasano

    "John Kerry advised Iran on how to thwart Trump administration policy.

    How is Carter Page a Russian Spy and Kerry isn't an Iranian Spy? I want to see Kerry's bank accounts. Let's knock his door in at 4am, throw him in solitary, find out what he knows, if any money changed hands, if he paid all his taxes on it, if he registered as an Agent of a Foreign Power or lied in any way. Who is his lawyer? Raid his office too. Did his secretary's cousin's barber talk to someone with ties to an Iranian oligarch? Let's ruin his life, go thru his last 10 years of taxes and pressure him to flip on Kerry. I want grand juries, multiple courts, secret wire taps and updates hourly for the next 2 years on CNN with guest panels decrying the end of the republic.

    Where is it? "Our Democracy" is at stake."

    Thursday, September 13, 2018

    Socialism in India

    Amol Kaikini in the WSJ Best of the Web column wonders why journalists never mention that between 1947-1991, India was socialist.  He comments on his life.

    “Mr. Kaikini reports that after graduating from a top engineering school in India he landed what was considered a good job in the Indian economy of the early 1970s. But he and his wife could take little for granted. Mr. Kaikini writes that “when our son was born we increased our daily milk ration. We were spending 70-75% of our take-home pay for food. This is modest food, all cooked from scratch, maybe fish or meat once in two weeks.”

    Mr. Kaikini recalls that “means of production, communication and transport” were government-owned and “operated with unfortunate outcomes. Everything was typically in short supply.”

    He adds: “When I had the opportunity to leave India and live in the U.S. in 1976 I did and have no regrets.” Mr. and Mrs. Kaikini arrived in America with $8 each. “Our first year in the U.S. we worked small jobs until I finished computer school. We could afford to eat anything we wished. What a contrast,” he notes. “We now are happily retired in Brooklyn. Not too many countries reward talent as does the US.””


    Alexander Ioannidis Walks away from the Democrats—Congratulations

    Alexander walk away

    Here is my #WalkAway moment. The top picture is one of me in April of 2016 phone banking for the Sanders campaign. I was a pro-life socialist because my faith tells me to care for poor people. The way Bernie pitched socialism was appealing. I agreed with him and I fell in love. I thought the left held a moral high ground.

    One thing that struck me during that campaign was a comment someone made to me that she would never vote for me in the future unless I respected a woman’s “right” to have an abortion. That comment meant nothing to me at the time, though it should have been a red flag. I was as far to the left as it got and I was taking heat because I disagreed on one issue.

    After President Trump won the election, I was hopeful. I was terrified of what Trump would do, but I hoped that his heart would change and he would be compassionate to people whom I thought conservatives wanted to oppress. I told my comrades on the left that I was hoping Trump would be successful, and they would lash out at me and attack my character because I was “helping empower a fascist.”

    In 2017, I started my business major and I saw how businesses actually helped poor people by creating jobs for them. It made me think critically and for myself. I then saw a PragerU video in a YouTube ad about how socialism ruined Brazil. To this day, it is the only YouTube ad that I have not skipped. This got me more curious and I started reading more about poverty and socialism. As the year progressed, I began to see just how hateful the left was. They hated me because I did not agree with them 100% of the time. As I began to do more research, I got more and more hate from my former comrades.

    Over the last year, I learned that the left just wants people to be dependent so they can stay in power. I learned that the left does not care about minorities, but they want to divide us by race and class to secure our votes. I learned that conservatives see past skin color and only care about upholding liberty and giving everyone an opportunity to live the American Dream. I became disgusted by the hatred the left espoused toward America. I became enamored with America and what a great country it truly was.

    By 2018, I had taken the red pill. The best way to help people is to give them liberty and to invest in them rather than to use government handouts to keep them at the bottom. The left is devious, but I have seen the light. I am now a proud supporter of President Trump. I hope and pray for him everyday, especially that he will become a believer if he is not currently one. This millennial loves America and President Trump, and I am now trying to help others on my campus see the light like I did. I hope and pray that America does not get destroyed by socialism like my parent’s homeland of Greece! I am proud to have #WalkedAway

    John Kerry’s shadow diplomacy





    How Democrats change American English

    Here's how it works, how the anti-American Democrats redefine our language and values.

    1) Proud American = xenophobic, Nazi.
    2) Make America Great Again slogan = anti-immigrant.
    3) Safe restrooms = transphobic.
    4) MS-13 infiltrating junior high schools in DC suburbs = racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic.
    5) Merit promotion, hard work, skill level (except in sports) = white supremacist.
    6) Male and female God created them = homophobic, transphobic, Trump voter.
    7) Constitutionalist, textualist = anti-woman, misogyny.
    8) Trump voter = deplorable, stupid, uneducated, hater, bigot, racist.
    9) Pronouns he, she, his, her, him = transphobic, should lose job or go to jail
    10) Western civilization is superior = white supremacist, bigot, nationalist, Hitler devotee, Nazi.
    11) Hands on arm, fingers touching = white supremacist, bigot, Nazi.
    12) 4% growth = racist--hates Obama's record

    Why should we taxpayers support Planned Parenthood?


    Snopes skids and slips on this one.  Claims that Planned Parenthood Votes is not the same as the Planned Parenthood, largest abortion provider in the USA.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    Millions of water bottles found undelivered in Puerto Rico

    Michael Smith says:

    “Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean. Islands in the Caribbean are statistically more likely to be hit by a hurricane each year than any other single location in the Western Hemisphere.

    Puerto Rico is a self-governing island, a protectorate of the United States and receives $21 billion in aid each year and received $16 billion in disaster aid to cope with the damage done by Hurricane Maria.

    There are 3.7 million people in Puerto Rico.

    And yet, it is Donald Trump's fault that the Puerto Rican government was not 1) ready for the disaster, 2) had no infrastructure in place to deal with the aftermath and 3) failed at distributing donations and materials sent by aid agencies and the federal government.

    This isn't a failure of Trump or FEMA, this is the legacy of a corrupt government made up of people wanting to be a big fish in a small pond at the expense of the people.”


    The federal government is NOT a first responder.  Democrats pretend it is when a Republican like Bush or Trump are in office, when in fact, it is the responsibility of the governor and the mayors. When a Democrat is in the White House, the media just looks the other way and finds something else to write about like racism, or homophobia.

    Unhinged Democrats

    The Left is completely unhinged, from shooting Republican baseball players, to stabbing Republicans running for office, to a professor shooting himself in the arm as a protest against Trump,  to terrorizing a pro-life journalist and threatening rape of a staffer if Kavanaugh gets her vote. And remember how they blamed Sarah Palin for Gabby Gifford's shooting because she used the word cross-hair in a campaign ad? And Maxine Waters just continues to spew hate for Trump and Pence, encouraging the violence with no condemnation from Dem "leaders."





    September 12

    Today, September 12, marks the founding of a small but mighty organization that helped change the direction of our country--the Intercollegiate Socialist Party in 1905. http://www.marxisthistory.org/subject/usa/eam/iss.html

    It was created to change the trajectory of the U.S. from being Christian to being Marxist. The list of members is quite remarkable, although not all were at that first meeting at Peck's restaurant in Manhattan and in 1921 its name was changed to the League for Industrial Democracy. Upton Sinclair, Jack London, Clarence Darrow, Walter Lippmann, Walter Reuther, Eugene Debs, W.E.B. Dubois, John Dewey, Felix Frankfurter, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Franklin Roosevelt, Jr. and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

    So don’t underestimate a small group of young people with big ideas. They’ve been very successful over the last 100+ years.

    Notice the names of the authors of the LID propaganda. http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/EAD/htmldocs/KCL05266.html

    When powerful Democrats like President Obama talk about American values and morals,  I think he’s talking about those of the ISP/LID, and not those taught by Christ.