Friday, September 22, 2017

Using the S word--sustainable

If you need an "S" word, use "stewardship." Sustainable is a totally squishy word which used to imply renewable resources, respect for early methods and traditions of planting and harvesting, and kind to the earth. Increasingly it has come to mean anti-capitalism, anti-good jobs, thousands of little organizations and non-profits with ties to big-left money and handsome salaries for their CEOs standing on the backs of people who produce, foundations begun by capitalists now controlled by marxists, and efficient laundering funds for Democrat candidates.

Sustainable? Don't wear clothes, especially cotton (it's also racist) sit on the floor because couches and chairs use fabrics, sleep on the floor without mattresses or blankets, no rugs or carpets, no towels for showers, no curtains or lampshades, don't live in cold climates because you can't have coats. Floors should be mud, because otherwise you're cutting down trees or using fossil fuel to make fake wood. Native American women chewed leather to make it soft for clothing, you can, too. Oh wait. Check with PETA before you use animal skins.

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