Thursday, December 14, 2017

The deadly politics of assault

Yes, Roy Moore was the better of two bad candidates in Alabama, but this way the Democrats AND Republicans can’t pound on him and drive him out of the Senate.  Hopefully, the winner will have only 2 years to vote to kill the unborn, raise taxes and destroy the military. There is still a Republican majority in the Senate, although with all the RINOs, and losing on the Obamacare mess where millions lost their health insurance by one vote—McCain, who hates Trump—I’m not sure it does much. There are many Republicans in the House and Senate who hate Trump and will do anything to stop anything that sounds like it’s legacy material. He’s gored their elephants as well as the Democrats’ asses.

The sexual assault thing isn’t going to go away, and all the white men you know are possible targets. Eventually, it won’t matter his age or profession, if he ever made a suggestive remark or leaned up against a woman, or told a dirty joke he will be outed.  There won’t even have to be a clever Washington Post reporter snooping around. There will be no trial, just accusations. The most recent NYC bomber will have a trial, but not these guys.  Count on financially supporting your sons and sons-in-law even if you make it through the ground glass barrier.

I watched a video Tuesday of the 19 men in media/entertainment who have been accused, and since I didn’t know any of the movie or TV stars in the video, I just picked one and googled the story.  One woman making the accusations had received a call at 2:30 a.m. to come to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and bring a friend for the other guy, which of course, any sensible person would have refused, and she couldn’t find anyone still awake, so she went alone!  From there she weaves a great story of assault. Have her brains fallen out from drug use or been pickled by alcohol? But the guy lost his career (couldn’t even tell you his name but I guess he’s famous).

The Democrat team  has nothing but -isms, identity politics, and that doesn’t fund the military, protect the border, educate the children, bring jobs to low income rural areas, rebuild the infrastructure, reduce regulations, reduce graft and corruption in all large agencies, protect the environment, or allow us to keep our precious Bill of Rights, which includes freedom of religion and speech.  Their team’s focus on race, gender, color, sexual confusion and same sex makes the nation just a bunch of treacherous mole holes to break an ankle in.

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