Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Home Chef

I don’t like her sing-songy voice (a problem with young people) and I don’t think you should stand in front of something that makes you look like you have antlers while filming, but the information is good.

She didn’t like Blue Apron, and thought Home Chef had more choices.  Just a report—doesn’t show any cooking.

And this one was a TV show evaluation showing the end result for Home Chef.  Shows the  preparation with the taste test with costs. It was cheaper than going out and buying the ingredients. Six day delivery, 44 minutes to prepare.

And now add in Amazon.

Amazon got in on this fad a little late, but this clip features Amazon (only in Seattle at that time) comparing Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.  Amazon’s package was for 2—others for 4.  Amazon was better for speed and not so much chopping, but I thought they said Blue Apron had best flavor—probably more fresh since it required more prep. But all were rated good by the family panel. Prices were comparable, but with Amazon you had to be a member and if less than $40, you paid a delivery charge.

I know someone who has tried the Martha Stewart plan, and has been very happy with it. We eat a lot of left overs—I assume most plans would have a little something for lunch the next day since our portions are usually smaller.

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