Friday, June 24, 2022

Not since the reconstruction years have Democrats behaved so badly

"Shootings, while still up dramatically, 47%, compared to two years ago, are down 11% versus the same time last year."

So what happened 2 years ago? George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis policeman. This set off riots by BLM, Antifa, and neighborhood thugs in many cities. Self righteous white liberals put signs in their yards with black power fists to show solidarity and their own virtue. Preachers drove people from their churches with their finger wagging. It was OK to riot, but not to go to school or the gym. Non-covid deaths soared. It also put in place the Democrats' rallying cry of "defund the police," including our own now v.p. Harris and the Democrat squad leaders and out of control prosecutors. It also messed up the 2020 election with Trump being blamed with the bad management of Democrat cities. Never since the post-Civil War years have Democrats acted so badly.

No one will march for this young man, who was hoping for a career in the NBA. No one will remember his name. Darius Lee.

College basketball star killed, eight wounded, in Harlem BBQ shooting (

PICTURED: College basketball player, 21, who killed in Harlem shooting at Juneteenth 'gathering' | Daily Mail Online

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