Sunday, January 09, 2011

People have limited memories, or they mislearned history

I actually subscribe to a terrorist watch website called START. Do you know when the most terrorism threats were and from whom? 1970. Not Muslims.  Not Tea Party. But radical leftists protesting the Vietnam War. The chart is just dramatic. Those people who were doing the threatening, burning buildings, marching, posturing and even killing (while lengthening the war giving aid to the enemy), then went on to become college professors and government advisers or politicians, and one, Bill Ayers, became a professor of education at the University of Illinois, Chicago.  He and his wife, also a domestic terrorist, lived in Obama's neighborhood, and supported his candidacy.

Yet what is the drivel I'm hearing on TV about the Arizona shooting which had zip to do with politics and everything to do with a crazy, deranged young man?  "We need to tone down the rhetoric."  Yes, Ms. Giffords had been receiving threats--many from the far left who believed she wasn't a very good Pelosi/Obama follower.  I'm appalled at the misinformed media attacks on Palin and the Tea Party.  Never in the history of this country has there been a quieter more peaceful grass roots movement than the Tea Party.  What has infuriated the left is that this sort of peaceful, legal ballot box revolution was successful.  Ms. Palin is fiesty and outspoken, and she's nobody's patsy.  But to blame her, even indirectly, for the actions of one deranged person, is absurd.

It's time for the main stream media to tone down its speculations, innuendo, and hyperventilating, and go to the START webpage and take a look at the terrorism chart.

The media hasn't learned from Lee Harvey Oswald the killer of President Kennedy, Seung-Hui Cho, the Va Tech shooter, Amy Bishop, the angry professor and Steven Kazmierczak, the grad student. None of these people were right wing nut cakes, but at least three were deeply mentally disturbed, and one was a Communist.


Anonymous said...

The Fix News's of the world and the likes of Glen Beck, Rush and now Sarah Palin bear some responsibility here. Day after day they speak hatred and racism. This sort of rhetoric appeals to people who have nothing to contribute except hatred in this world. And you may excuse them all you like, look at your charts AND JUSTIFY HATRED. I'm surprised that you don't post it as a leftist plot to stop the vote on healthcare. The bottom line is, Fox News and its commentators share the responsibility for encouraging these goofballs.

Buffy said...

I am not one bit surprised that you subscribe to a terrorist watch site. Just like Joe McCarthy's commies, there's one under every bed, you know. But then, yes, of course you know that.

What has infuriated ME about Tea Party rhetoric is that it is high on emotion and relatively low on information gathered from a variety of sources and viewpoints. It is my belief that to argue one side of an issue, you need to understand both sides. Tea Party reps that I've seen don't seem to bother to do that.

It's time for Glenn B. and others to tone down their speculation, innuendo, and hyperventilating, too.

I know you think Sarah Palin's WonderWoman, but she is just flat out DUMB.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Anon 1 and Buffy must be believing what the progressives keep making up about the Tea Party. They both need to go to a Tea Party gathering or meeting and find out for themselves. Have either of you ever witnessed anyone from the Tea Party doing anything violent? My god you people... they mostly consist of your mothers, fathers and grand parents who are trying to stop this madness called Obamaism!

Norma said...

Anon and Buffy have never listened to Glenn or Rush or Sarah, only the cut and paste hatem filters. Glenn's shows are so preachy with non-violence I sometimes think I'm in church. Rush uses recordings of the voices and speeches of the left to mock them and show up their hypocrisy. That's not hate--it's truth. Fox presents 3 or 4 viewpoints and the libs go crazy because they didn't know there were any other views out there. Plus their ratings are higher and their reporters more attractive.

Why don't you tell Daily Kos or HuffPo to turn down their rhetoric and hate speech? How about all the lies spewing from the various "progressive" think tanks and web sites?

And the START website is funded by the US government and is housed in Maryland. Would you prefer that the government not know who is causing the disturbances?

Darrell Michaels said...

Great post, Norma.

Further to vex the progressives, this killer, it seems, thinks that George W. was behind the World Trade Center bombing, is a self-avowed atheist, thinks the Mars' rover was faked, and had some unintelligible diatribe about grammar and currency. Not the makings of your typical Tea Party Conservative, I'd say.

Those of you that would use this fallacious argument for political gain are sick yourselves. This guy was mentally unhinged. Not a Beck/Palin/Limbaugh automaton acting on their non-existent violent orders. Shame on you!

Norma said...

Oh, the 9/11 truthers like Rosie? That's like the Discovery Channel shooter's admiration for Al Gore. No, most 22 year old's don't care much for Tea Party ideas.