Sunday, January 02, 2011

What Muslims in Britain are saying about killing Christians in Egypt

At least 21 people attending a Christian Mass were killed and 79 injured when a bomb exploded outside an Alexandria church in the first hour of the New Year, Egyptian officials said.

The blast struck Coptic worshipers as they exited the Qidiseen, or saints, church just after a New Year's Eve Mass in the eastern section of Alexandria, the ancient city along Egypt's Mediterranean coast. LA Times

This ain't pretty, folks. Hold your nose. Link.

copts are a disgusting people who worship a skinny anonymous jew nailed to a cross

May Allah guide all those whom we have failed to convert the last 1400 years or have them all kill each other for us or make the Muslims do it with valid excuse ameen, and may Allah protect the weak amongst the muslims.


Garry said...

That's horrible-There is no safety today whether you are on the street or in a house of prayer!

Atlanta Painters HQ said...

Muslims have been doing this to our Hindu & Sikh girls in Europe for years. Muslims also do these evil acts to Hindu, Sikh, Christian & Buddhist girls in Islamic Countries all the time.this is really the issue ever since,but i think being a christian or catholic is not an issue on this,but their must be something behind.thanks for sharing this.