Friday, June 15, 2012

While Obama dined with Sarah Jessica Parker

and told lies in Cleveland,

Mitt Romney is on the road talking about the economy as a businessman.

"I've been talking to small employers and big employers. And I hear day in and day out they feel this administration sees them as their enemy. They feel that the Obama policies have made it harder for them to put people back to work. Almost everything the president has done has made it harder for entrepreneurs to start a business, has made it less likely for businesses like this to be able to hire more people.  So as you look at the president's record, it is long on words and short on action that created jobs. ...

[T]alk is cheap. Action speaks loudly. Look what's happened across this country. If you think things are going swimmingly, if you think the president's right when he said the private sector is doing fine, well then he's the guy to vote for. ...

"I happen to be convinced, having been able to go all across the country, that we're poised to see a resurgence of American economic vitality with companies growing, with jobs growing, with employers bringing jobs back to America, as opposed to sending them elsewhere. That won't happen under this president. That'll happen if we change the course of this country. I spent my life in private enterprise, 25 years. I know how businesses work. I know what causes them to leave and what will bring them back.

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