Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why do so many Christians not vote?

The figures vary--I've heard 30%, I've seen 50%. In any case, many, many Christians are not registered to vote. Churches do not lose their 501c3 status by having a voter registration drive. Churches afraid to do this are probably more afraid of the collection plate than the government. Nothing prevents a pastor or church member from supporting a candidate or an issue (abortion, education, taxes) ...as long as they do it in their own name, and in some cases, the church can support or not, specific legislation. Eric Holder has met with black pastors about voting rights. Why not other pastors of other ethnicities or styles of worship or other issues?


Not sure if you’re registered?  Wall Builders has a special site for you to check. http://www.wallbuilders.com/vote/

Don’t let your vote be stolen by a non-registered voter, or a “dead” voter, or someone from another state.  Check with True the Vote to see what you can do in your own state to stop fraud.  They will put you in touch with your state’s organization. http://truethevote.org/

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