Thursday, October 03, 2013

Don’t declare a win yet

I think conservatives are getting too excited about the roll out failures of Obamacare. It might take years to get the bugs worked out. And if you've ever battled insurance companies over messed up payments or health records (like the time my husband was billed for a pap test), just multiply this by a number you can only imagine. Keep your eye on the (government's) goal. Whether it was a deliberate plan to fail or not 1) it's the first day and involves a number of computer systems that track our daily lives and usually they don't communicate; 2) the ultimate goal is single payer. This has never been about better health; it's always been about control and power. Even the SCOTUS declared it legal only because it is a tax. Unfair taxation was what birthed this nation. And it may be what kills it.

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