Wednesday, August 02, 2017

How women see faces

Is this scientific study unfair to transwomen? Healthy heterosexual men and women were used in the study. "We investigated how 400 different human faces were evaluated for arousal and valence by a group of healthy male and female heterosexual students. As a whole, women judged all human faces as more positive and more arousing than men. In addition, they showed a preference for the faces of children and the elderly in the arousal evaluation. Regardless of face aesthetics, age, and facial expression, women rated human faces higher than men. A review of studies of sex differences in face processing, social interactions, empathy for pain, emotional memory, perception of infant faces (baby schema), faces-in-things (pareidolia), biological motion and actions, and erotic and emotional images is also provided." Journal of Neuroscience Research, 7 NOV 2016, pp. 222-234

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