Monday, August 14, 2017

The president is a uniter

Riots are developing in several cities, people clad in black, carrying weapons. Not because of the death of a protester in Charlotte, although that sad incident will obviously attract the naïve. We saw the protests building during the Obama years, in fact, I never saw it worse in my lifetime than the Obama reign, although the focus was fuzzy. When Bush was gone and the war protests ended (although the war didn't), then it was a generalized hate for capitalism, and demands to... absolve students from pricey college debt. Somehow, bigger government and more taxes were to solve what government had created. Then the deaths of some black men killed while committing crimes gave rise to unhappiness that a black president hadn't changed their lives, so we had more slogans and riots. Now they've got a clear target, the President. He's a uniting force for left and right all on the socialist/statist scale.

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