Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Ferguson effect by Guest Blogger Jeffrey

“After the media manufactured lies about Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, the murder rate in US cities rose immediately. Within days. And it rose steadily for 2 years and is still above the pre-Ferguson level. It rose 2016 was 16.1% higher than 2012 which equates to 2400 extra murders just for 2016. Over the 5 years since Ferguson the total EXTRA murders is about 7,000-8,000. The cops stopped policing and murder soared. Liberal run urban areas, like Chicago, rose by over 70% while other areas were less affected. The rate has dropped again, but not all the way.

The media caused this. The spree shootings are awful but are absolutely dwarfed by the Ferguson Effect which was completely driven by media lies. Left wing policies in general create cities with high murder rates. The media wants to talk about white supremacists. Walk the halls of America's prisons. The murderers and other inmates are not Republicans.

Does the media ever talk about this huge spike in murder that they caused? Do they hold vigils? Do they hold the lies and liars accountable? Do they talk about their lies as a "first amendment loophole" like they talk about the "gun show loophole" (which is another media lie)? Will Gillette ever run a "Be Better" commercial scolding minorities for their murder rates which are many, many times higher than others?

Believe nothing the MSM says. Overall, the murder rate is half what it was at it's peak in the early 80s. Despite high profile crimes, the murder rate among liberal supported demographics is many, many times higher than other groups. "White Supremacist murder" is barely measurable - less than 0.2% of the murders. Spree shootings in general are less than 1%. It's the daily grind in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and other liberal run areas that account for more than 50%.”

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