Sunday, October 20, 2019

Insurgencies, civil wars and conflicts in Africa

As fingers point and hands are wrung about 50 soldiers pulled out of the Turkey-Syria conflict where the U.S. is attempting to hold back ISIS, can anyone tell me why this particular civil war in Syria is so critical to American interests?  I’m not looking for snarky, ad hominem attacks, this is a REAL QUESTION.

It’s about Africa, not the Middle East.

There are civil wars, insurgencies and tribal/ border conflicts all over Africa. Except for Kenya (Obama’s relatives) and Nigeria (Boko Haram kidnapping Christian girls) the U.S. media and politicians  rarely pay attention to the slaughter and mayhem in Africa, particularly of Christians by Muslims. And please spare me the trash talking about European colonialism—a quick look  at Wikipedia shows wars, conflicts and civil wars going back 1500 years, and most of these are tribal or Muslim sects.

Here’s a quick check, according to Wikipedia. See that source for more detail:

  • On going insurgency in Egypt
  • On going South Sudanese Civil War
  • On going 2nd Libyan Civil War
  • On going ISIL insurgency in Tunisia
  • On going insurgency in Maghreb (Algeria and Morocco)
  • Ongoing insurgency in Somalia
  • On going conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia
  • On going Burundian unrest
  • Ongoing Anglophone crisis, Cameroon
  • Ongoing Northern Mali conflict
  • Ongoing Boko Haram, Nigeria
  • Ongoing Kamwina Nsapu Rebellion, Democratic Republic of Congo

Is it the color of their skin? American blacks don’t care about Africa if it’s not directly related to U.S.  slavery? The amount of natural resources?  The distance? Language problems?  CIA doesn’t even have Fact Books on some of these countries.

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