Friday, October 18, 2019

The crazies in our culture

The Left is schizo and psychotic. What they are doing to children while screaming about priest sexual abuse (which is far less than that from teachers) and #MeToo is just bizarro.

  • They offer underage children abortions then give them birth control;
  • they promote surgery on genitals under the guise of "gender confusion";
  • they pump children full of hormones to delay puberty which will damage them for the rest of their lives;
  • they allow young girls to be intimidated and bullied by boys in their own bathrooms, locker rooms and athletic events;
  • then they punish them if they use the correct pronoun.
  • This is a political agenda. In Columbus it was being promoted on a local "news" show a few nights ago, as a medical and human interest story because a 3 year old thought he was a girl.

People. You've lost your minds.

And they call this "progressive?"

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