Tuesday, June 08, 2021

JAMA editor not woke enough?

I have no horse in this race--but JAMA is a journal I read often and is frequently quoted in the media.
"Mike Davis, founder and president of Unsilenced Majority, today released the following statement regarding the firing of Dr. Howard Bauchner, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). 
“You would think that in the middle of a pandemic, the Journal of the American Medical Association would be focused more on its medical reporting and less on woke nonsense, but you’d be wrong. The firing of its top editor speaks to the priorities that have infected so many of our institutions: feelings, not facts; tone, not substance. Unfortunately, while our leaders in government, science, media and technology dedicate their attention to assuaging the woke mob, the advantages we have as a country are deteriorating. Scientists’ only concern should be science. Journalists’ only concern should be journalism. Educators’ only concern should be education. THE MORE WE GIVE INTO THE NOTION THAT IT'S ACCEPTABLE AND EVEN EXPECTED TO CANCEL THOSE WHO DEVIATE FROM WOKE ORTHODOXY, THE MORE WE'RE SETTING OURSELVES UP FOR DIVISION AND FAILURE. JAMA should rescind its unfair and ridiculous politically-motivated firing of its top editor immediately.”
The editorial policies have been pretty liberal for years, but with "structural racism," we're dealing with a religious cult and one of the underlings insulted the most high goddess and denied her awesomeness and truthiness in a podcast. Dr. Bauchner groveled and apologized (my interpretation of reading about it in our unbiased news like CNN and NYT), but that goddess has no mercy in this religion.

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