Wednesday, March 15, 2023

California dreaming a nightmare

It's been a tough week for higher (hi-jacked) education in California, that formerly great state where conservatives used to roamed freely and had constitutional rights. Stanford Law students urged on by a DIE dean attacked, insulted and shouted down US Circuit Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan who was invited to address students; then Antifa was allowed to go after Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA at UC Davis who had been promised the right to speak (which he already had). They destroyed property in the course of illegally attacking an invited speaker. Kirk should sue the media and the chancellor Gary May for the lies they tell, naming names of reporters and both DIE administrators should be fired--they are the ones who poured gasoline on the hot grill. No one said or has ever said anything racist or homophobic, but that's the old, broken down, gray mare trotted out if the speaker disagrees with Leftists. Apparently, there are rich parents out there who are willing to shell out for their adult children to act like assholes, but maybe they agree with them.

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