Saturday, June 10, 2023

Lakeside 2023 season

We're in Lakeside for 2 weeks. Now we are renters again as we were from 1974 to 1988. Lakeside is celebrating its 150th season and our 50th. It's been cool, but sunny, and in this photo we are enjoying the circle of benches near the lake after lunch.  There is a little haze from the Canadian fires, but not terrible. Because of the wind patterns Lakeside had less smoke than Columbus.  Last night we had dinner with our friends the Cassidys from Tennessee and then enjoyed a wonderful show in Hoover Auditorium by the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players. Today we have a high school graduation party for our good friend and neighbor from Cincinnati, Jack, and tomorrow a memorial service for our summer pastor of the last 15 years Rev. Irwin Jennings. This week I attended all the Faith Hours, with wonderful gospel preaching by Pastor Zac Hess of Grace Polaris in Westerville.

Our two week schedule

Saturday June 3 --travel to Smith Cottage on Lynn; Hoover program, "Whose line is it Anyway" with Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood 7:30.

Sunday June 4 --Church at Hoover Auditorium, 10:30, preacher Zac Hess, Grace Polaris, Columbus; evening 6:30, Heidelberg University Faculty Woodwind Quintet at Steele Bandstand

Monday through Thursday --Faith for Living, Orchestra Hall, Zac Hess, 9-10

Monday June 5 --Women's Bible Study, 10 a.m. Lakeside Women's Club; Film Festival 7:30 p.m. "Everestman." "The Last Last Hike," "Pony boys," (my favorite, about summer of 1967)

Tuesday June 6 -- Film Festival, 10:30 "American Dinner," "American Heartbreak," (Kent State, 1970),
"CLE Urban Winery Story," "Archie Hough Bakeries"

Wednesday June 7 -- Film Festival, 10:30 "Pheasants of Detroit," "Honk." (excellent!)   Dorothy Fuldheim by Anne McEvoy 1:30 Hoover; Picnic in Perry Park 5:30

Thursday June 8 -- Film Festival, 10:30 "Daniel and Nate" (teen is caregiver for brother), "Lizzi, Deeper than water" (paralympics) "The Prospector," "Rocks 4 Sale"; Silent movie, "Spite marriage," 1929 Buster Keaton and Dorothy Sebastian. Clark Wilson organist.

Friday June 9 -- Dinner with Cassidy's; 7:30 New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, Hoover

Saturday June 10 -- Afternoon, Jack's party--saw many friends; Phoebe and Mark arrive for the week; sold the golf cart for $6500 but we keep it until the 16th

Sunday June11 -- church at Hoover, preacher Dr. Simangaliso Kumalo of South Africa;
Memorial service for Irwin Jennings, Pavilion,  reception at LWC

Monday June 12-15 -- Women's Bible Study, Lakeside Women's Club, 9 a.m.  Monday - Thursday, Faith for Living, Dr. Kumalo, Orchestra Hall (not very good) 10-11. 1:30 Book Review LWC, Lincoln Highway, Amor Towles; movie 7:30 Lincoln

Tuesday June 13 (It was Civil War week, but I didn't attend programs); LWC, meet and greet, M.A. Stephens: 6:45 Art Show Reception. Bob got Merit Award for Fisherman painting;  8 p.m. Keynote Speaker, Clark Kellogg (gave him Bob's book) Hoover

Wednesday June 14 -- Guy's Club 11:30; Ida McKinley reenactment 1:30 Hoover; Picnic in Perry Park, 5:30

Thursday June 15 -- Guy's Club breakfast, 8:00 Patio; dinner at JJ's with Phoebe and Mark for Father's Day

Friday June 16 -- Breakfast at Idlewyld 8:00; Farmer's Market with Phoebe 8:30;  Tram Tour 1:30; Sons of Mystro (violins) 7:30 Hoover; new owners of the golf cart picked it up.  Named it "Bruce."

Saturday June 17 -- Pack up, cleanup, ride home.

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