Monday, June 19, 2023

A letter from Bird about corruption

From: Dennis (surname removed)

To:  Editorial Page Editor
Riverland News

Hillary Clinton erased thousands of potentially damaging emails and took a hammer to cell phones to render them useless, but nothing happens. Barak Obama has boxes of classified material from when he was president, but nothing happens. Mike Pence has boxes stored from his time as vice-president, but nothing happens. We all saw Joe Biden on that stage in a foreign country saying that if the prosecutor investigating his son isn’t fired the country would not receive U.S. tax dollars, but nothing happens. Joe Biden has hundreds, maybe thousands of boxes from when he was a senator and also vice-president, some stored in his garage, but nothing happens. I guess that’s OK, because Joe’s vintage Corvette is protecting them. But when Donald Trump has boxes stored at his estate in a locked room, that has an extra lock installed as requested and has a secret service detail in residence, this demands a federal indictment. Ask yourself why this is happening. One reason of course is that Trump is again running for president and the left is petrified that if elected, he will finish the job of draining the swamp and put them all out of work or better yet in jail where most of them belong, But I believe it is because the House is now investigating Biden on potential corruption charges for accepting millions in bribes when he was vice-president that could result is his impeachment, a legitimate impeachment. That’s why this is happening.

Rainbow Springs

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