Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The cost of natural disasters compared to . . .what?

"Since 1980, billion-dollar natural disasters have resulted in nearly 16,000 deaths and cost $2.5 trillion (after adjusting for inflation). "

I haven't checked this USAFacts story. It's probably OK, but is the intent to cause fear and blame, with the aim of taxing you more for a non-existent climate change threat?

16,000 deaths in 43 years? 2022 had 466 deaths from natural disasters--cyclones, fires, earthquakes, blizzards and cold waves, floods, etc., but 42,795 traffic fatalities. Technology and warning systems have drastically reduced dangers from disasters as has reduced poverty. 2.8 million Americans die of obesity related diseases, and 80% of the Covid deaths were due to weight related problems.
100 years ago this natural disaster figure would have been in the thousands with a smaller population. If it weren't for bad environmental policies established by federal and state governments in the 80s and 90s, the wildfire problems would go away. A lot of hurricane damage costs and deaths could be reduced if the population didn't want to build in risky, beautiful places--especially the wealthy. Denying people government insurance might reduce that.

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