Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Bidenflation and Trump

The numbers for household median income since the pandemic illustrate how American families have lost ground: Income in the United States: 2022 (  Table A-2
  • 2019: $78,250
  • 2020: $76,660 ($1,590 below 2019)
  • 2021: $76,330 ($1,920 below 2019)
  • 2022: $74,580 ($3,670 below 2019)
Although I have nothing good to say about Biden, I think he's the biggest criminal ever to live in the White House, Trump made mistakes too with the pandemic. I think he, along with everyone else, was totally unprepared, because how would he know? It's not encountered in business. However, he's a good judge of character--usually trusts his gut.
1) He should have let Fauci go as soon as he noticed his fascist tendencies, double speak and switcheroo speechifying.
2) He should have made sure his own advisors he put on that Covid advisory group were able to have their say.
3) Even if he was unfamiliar with the concept of peer-reviewed scientific research, I'm sure someone told him that those speaking for the CDC and Big Pharma could be balanced by outstanding researchers who were advocating for better treatment options and not just an experimental "vaccine" begun after the disease had already spread.
4) As a businessman familiar with the cut-throat capitalist model, Trump should have sniffed out the demonization, deplatforming, and cancel culture methods of the Democrat party and figured out they'd use it to their advantage in the election.

5) Trump was failed by his advisors and those he selected to be close to him or his vanity prevented him from listening. If ordinary non-scientific, non-political citizens figure out this was as much ideological as viral, then he should have also. If he wants our vote in 2024, he'll have to do a better job in that department.

Now in addition to the numbers above listed for household income one has to add to those losses, what it is costing every household to bring into our country 230,000 border jumpers each month from many nations with many languages and cultures--Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico, China, Russian, Ukraine and India. Those expenses are local--schools, emergency housing, benefits, more police, displacement of local low-income citizens, etc. If Trump can't convince the Republicans to get off their butts and do something, then he should step aside and let someone else do the job. Having been a Democrat for 40 years, I am still shocked at the lazy, good for nothing Republicans who can't agree on where to do lunch, let alone legislation, that we elect year after year.

Your thoughts? I'm running out.

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