Monday, July 31, 2006

2700 Home again, sort of

We're home from a fabulous architectural tour that included Springfield, Sidney, and Dayton, Ohio, then Columbus, Indiana (5th best sige for architure in the USA) and Madison, Indiana (133 blocks of restored river town), then on to Cincinnati and Lebanon, Ohio, then home. We've laundered and repacked, and today it is back to the lake for a week. My husband is teaching an art class this week, and the facility has no AC--so I won't be surprised to see dropouts, and dropovers. Hopefully, he'll get some sailing and I'll get to the coffee shop to write some blogs.


Susan said...

I thought of you this weekend. I spent a hot Saturday at Findley State Park (south of Wellington, not in Findley as I previously thought) chasing my 3 year old and rescuing my nine-year old from the rocky shores of the lake.

Due to my little one's speed, we didn't get much time to catch up with our relatives, but learned a lot from the bumperstickers on their cars. My mom's cousin's car has a personalized plate indicating the nuclear sub my second cousin now commands along with a oval Lakeside sticker. I always thought they had a place at Marblehead, but maybe they've moved over to Lakeside. I didn't get a chance to ask.

Norma said...

I'll keep an eye open for it.