Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Memories--The Tennessee Reunions of Northern Illinois

I’ve written at this blog about the Tennessee connections based on the memories of my father.  After my great-grandfather moved to Illinois, he helped a number of families come north and get settled.  They would meet for picnics when a visiting relative was in the area, and it came to be known as the Tennessee Reunion.  The first my dad remembered was around 1924.  All the people who attended (with the exception of the children born in Illinois) had known each other back in Tennessee--Martins, Millers, Ballards, Corbetts, Biggs, Vessers, and Willifords and some others.  Most were related by blood or marriage.
Today I received a photo, too long for my scanner of the reunion held at Lawrence Park, Sterling, Illinois on July 14, 1929.  As near as I can tell, the Ballards and Corbetts are at the left.  Since I didn’t know any of these people when they were this young, I haven’t identified all of them. 
TN reunion 1929 B
I think the two girls with dark hair sitting with the children, about 6 people from the left, might be Dorothy and Gladys Corbett, with possibly their cousin Phil Ballard between them.  Their mother Bessie is directly behind them, and maybe her mother Leanor Ballard is next to her.  It’s possible that Roy and Helen Ballard are next to Art and Myrtle Ballard. I can’t pick out my great-grandfather, but he was usually the tallest one.
Imagine being so dressed up for a picnic? People had some pride in appearances in those days.


Anonymous said...

explains a lot

Norma said...

I'm sure that remark means you think people born in Ohio are far, far above and more important than people born in Tennessee. Yes, typical red neck liberal. Do you dislike immigrants too? A number of these people in the photo had grandparents who fought in the Civil War (for the north), and great-great grandfathers who fought in the American Revolution.

Norma said...

Information on Lawrence Park, Sterling:
"Acquired in 1925, Lawrence Park is considered the first park of Sterling, and was named for the Lawrence family in honor of their bequests to the then Sterling-Coloma Township Park District."