Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twelve reasons Hollywood can’t hide from the blame

I was reading the Columbus-Dispatch Week-ender this morning—looking for movies I’ll probably not see.  Here’s what I found in the Now Screening section (I’m leaving off the evaluations for sex, nudity, crudity, and rude).

1.  Broken City—violence.

2. Django Unchained—strong graphic violence through out, vicious fighting (this is the one where Jamie Foxx jokes about killing all the white people and his audience just laughs)

3.  Hobbit—fantasy-action violence

4.  The Impossible—disturbing injury images

5.  Jack Reacher—violence

6.  The Last Stand—bloody violence through out

7.  Lincoln—war violence, carnage

8.  Mama—violence and terror, disturbing

9.  Les Miserables—violence

10.  Texas Chainsaw 3D—strong grisly violence

11.  Wreck-it-Ralph—violence

12.  Zero dark Thirty—strong violence, brutal, disturbing.

That said.  You’ve bought the tickets that bought their mansions, sports cars and designer clothes.  What’s your excuse?

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Anonymous said...

I only go to movies with the senior discount at the 2nd run "cheap seats." So I went to see "Flight" earlier this week because I had read about its visual effects. At first I was taken aback at the language, nudity and total depravity of the main characters, but as the movie went on, hints of redemption and even Christian themes developed. At the end it could have been a Karios (prison ministry) meeting. They could have dialed it down a bit, but without the gross stuff the repentance would not have been as compelling. I wonder how they'll clean it up for TV???