Friday, January 02, 2015

Dengue and chikungunya

Will environmentalists relent and allow DDT in the U.S. again now that both Aedes aegypti and Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquitoes have returned in force? Dengue fever, called break bone fever, and chikungunya, pronounced chik-en-gun-ye whose major symptoms are fever and joint pain (name means “that which bends up”) have been appearing in the U.S. due to travel and mosquitoes spread the virus.

Of course, the ban on DDT killed millions in Africa and Asia.  Will they relent for Americans?

Given a choice between dengue fever or another mosquito-borne disease called chikungunya fever, choose dengue every time. Neither has an available vaccine or treatment, but chikungunya (pronounced chik-un-GUHN-ya) is far more severe – it literally means “that which bends up” because patients are often stooped over from debilitating joint pain.

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