Thursday, September 03, 2015

Speaking of and in Spanish

Telemundo, a Spanish language TV network (owned by NBC) with all white faces, blue and green eyes, tall skinny blondes and no brown or black tokens or hints of Indian heritage in sight, has sent me an e-mail: "TELEMUNDO PRESENTA “FRANCISCO EN AMÉRICA”, EXTENSA COBERTURA DE LA VISITA DEL PAPA A CUBA Y LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS A PARTIR DEL 19 DE SEPTIEMBRE." Every product I purchase, every tag and label I read also includes Spanish. Why do U.S. Spanish language companies have a different set of rules for good customer service?

I was looking for a video to practice Spanish while exercising, and this morning found Clear pronunciation (in English) and good understanding of why we often don't get it. Forgiving and funny.

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