Wednesday, September 02, 2015

General Mills to spend millions on climate change

Not to be too cynical, but the more "climate change" laws and treaties the U.S. can foist on developing countries, the more goodies are left for the western, developed countries. I'd rather the money be spent on things that will actually help people, in developing countries like pure water, better infrastructure, fairer import/export agreements, stop protecting tyrants, etc. To put Appalachian coal miners out of jobs while China is building all the new dirty coal burning facilities is dumb; to waste billions on chasing a carbon myth when African women still carry dirty water in their pails walking miles from home makes no sense. But it's good advertising.

On Monday, the food giant announced plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent in the next 20 years, and said it will be investing more than $100 million in renewables and improved energy efficiency in its facilities. Other large food companies have also set greenhouse gas reduction targets, but General Mills’ plan stands out because it involves the whole supply chain, from farmers to eaters.

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