Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Colin looks for his roots

According to a news source, Colin Kaepernick is on a search for his African heritage, beginning in Ghana,  the hell on earth of the cross Atlantic slave trade of the 18th century.  Millions search for their roots, and I hope he finds something that meets this hunger. But if it’s slavery he’s interested in he’ll need to investigate where and how it started—in the mists of ancient history as slavery was a worldwide economic system and still remains today, larger than the 18th century.  Some sources say 27 million in the 21st century, but no one has an exact count. More Africans have died from environmentalists allowing malaria to resurge than ever died in the Atlantic slave trade.  Perhaps some of the products his wealth allows him were created, mined, guarded or produced by 21st century slaves. Maybe his latest manicure and massage were performed by a female slave from Asia, and he ignored the signs, or some of the  fun after the NFL games he’s enjoyed was provided by a sex slave. He’ll need to go back in history and look at the Arab Muslims, Portuguese, Spaniards, English, and Dutch investors and the African tribal leaders who captured and sold them, and the substantial number of free black Americans in the 19th century who also owned slaves.

Slavery today—“emigrants” looking for jobs and a better life.

Slave trade in 1860 after outlawed both in Britain and the U.S., but under the guise of “emigrant” transport.

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