Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I’m binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies

Sometimes I doze off (have trouble distinguishing between some of the blondes), but I can catch up the next day watching at the gym. I think I've just about have  “Christmas at Graceland” pieced together. I’d never watched them before but I think I’ve got the plan for the plot and could be a screenwriter.

  • Blonde female, brunette male (both gorgeous),
  • she's an executive looking for property and he drives a van, or truck;
  • alternate line is she is single manager/entertainer waiting for next assignment and
  • he is wealthy investor, widower with 3 children;
  • town/village/ski resort has Christmas festival falling on hard times;
  • everyone comes together to cook/decorate or dress elegantly;
  • a minimum of 3 generations, possibly 4 if you can work in the great grandparents
  • kids are always handsome and well behaved,
  • only one or two kisses for the couple
  • no one swears, cusses or throws things.

I did see the first few minutes of one today where beautiful blonde executive is planning to drive her cousin's vintage Mustang from NJ to CO during December.  I'm pretty sure there will be a snow storm with a handsome guy coming to the rescue.  I had to leave. Maybe I’ll see it on Friday at the gym.

One other thing I’ve noticed:  even though it’s snowing and everyone is wearing coats and scarves, if the scene calls for a pretty gown, the lovely main character isn’t wearing a coat so the dress shows well.

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