Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Have the hearings affected the market?

Ross Rant, 11/25: "Clearly the Schiff Show had no impact on the market as everyone knows it was all just a reality show for the Dems that has fallen flat with most voters. Most people no longer care. It is now holiday season and parties, no one has time for a bunch of Dem politicians making rash statements for TV. Nobody outside DC and CA cares anymore. Republicans are all geared up to destroy Biden if this goes ahead, and maybe the Dems are figuring that out as the polls now show a majority of voters are not in favor of impeachment. Horowitz will be out in two weeks and that will suck the oxygen out of the room, and may give Republicans some attack points to go after the Dems. Then comes Durham early next year with indictments. And now Biden says he might select Stacy Abrams, the failed GA gubernatorial candidate, as VP. Do I hear the Democratic Palin. Can you imagine trying to sell Abrams as one heart beat from being president with a 78 year old starting his term. Yikes."

Ross assumes his readers know all the players, like Horowitz, Durham and Abrams.  Here’s the score:

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