Friday, November 08, 2019

What happened to Virginia? asks Michael Smith

"Joe Morrissey, the Democrat Virginia lawmaker who was jailed four years ago after the sex scandal involving his teenage secretary, wins a Virginia state Senate seat by a massive margin.

Ralph Northam who appeared in a KKK costume or blackface (he isn't sure) is still the Virginia's Governor.

Justin Fairfax, credibly accused of the sexual battery of an ex-girlfriend, is still Virginia's Lieutenant Governor.

Mark Herring, who, like Northam, admitted to appearing in blackface, is still Virginia's Attorney General.

Virginia went blue after the entire state government turned into a Democrat majority.

Some things I take from this:

1. Democrats are either hypocrites or they don't really care about sexual misconduct - or both.

2. Democrats are either hypocrites or they don't really care about exposition of racism by their leadership - or both.

3. Virginia, the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson (and by extension, the Declaration of Independence), has been infiltrated by Deep State loyalists working for the federal government.

4. The Virginia GOP is awful."

My comment on Mike’s excellent post:  Yes, the Virginia GOP is probably awful, but primarily Virginia has gone blue because it’s a suburb of DC, it’s where the deep state lives, sends their kids to school and worships. It’s where they shop and socialize. When their party is out of office, they just hunker down with a new position in a non-profit or think tank.

Trump is a terrible threat, for some reason.  Even though his policies have brought hope and new sources of income to people lower on the socio-economic scale of government career workers. he’s poked some holes, stirred up a few hornets’ nests, and questioned what their comfy life is all about. It’s not business as usual under Trump and that has distressed some very powerful people.

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