Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Lies continue daily about the pro-life movement

On Facebook, a friend of mine from childhood, who doesn’t vote, listens to the main stream media for news, and quotes the Bible selectively claims that pro-life people don’t care about children after birth.  What an outrageous lie. Basic pro-choice talking points written by Planned Parenthood.  My response:

Who told you that? CNN? MSNBC? Who do you think are funding all the agencies that help children who escape the siren call of Planned Parenthood? Pro-Life people, primarily Christians.

Have you ever visited a pregnancy center that saves children, gives the mothers counsel, maternity clothes, job training, parenting lessons, clothes for the children, referrals to social agencies, bus passes to clinics and hospitals--all free and with all volunteer labor? They also provide mentors and send teams into the schools to teach the basic facts of life and social skills because so many kids don't have functioning families.

Do you know what the largest social safety net in the world is? The Catholic church. Then if you combined that with all the 35,000 Protestant denominations who feed, educate, train, adopt, foster and provide health care to the poor, it would way out perform what the government does--and at no cost and with volunteers who can witness about God's love just as Jesus said in Matthew 25. People who criticize (and lie) about what the church does are afraid someone might witness to a hurting soul who's never met Jesus.

Some Christians who know selective Bible passages don't know the good that goes on in their own community and state in the name of Jesus.

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