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Fifteen years ago today, March 16, 2009 Antiques Road Show pt. 5

Although it's a gorgeous day, it's a tad chilly for me to walk outside, so I've been on the exercycle watching reruns of Antiques Roadshow again. I thought of one of mine and rustled around in a cabinet and found two.
The first was a printed copy of my blog written 15 years ago, March 16, 2009, the day after we returned (and were recovering) from a Holy Land cruise with about 170 travelers--
members of our church, their friends, and members of 2 other churches. I must have written furiously--it runs for 65 pages (with photos) and was finished on March 18! Of course, I was much younger then.
Here's what I found written for March 16, 2009--advice from Beverly Miller Meyers who had been on a similar trip some years before. With tears, I copy it here, safe and true 15 years later.
"Bon Voyage! Have fun and be safe. I am still green with envy. Wear your support stockings on the plane and any long bus rides. In Egypt follow your guides rules but if you get a chance the people are so poor especially in Cairo that a few shekels is always appreciated. In Israel climb up to into and around everything. There is so much history there. At Bethlehem crawl under the altar under the main altar and look through the star to the dirt. If Jesus wasn't born there it had to be close by. In Greece buy some Ouzo it tastes like licorice. Drink it with ice and the same amount of Ouzo and water. At the Parthenon go into the back of the temple of Athena and see the best representation of Nike bending to tie her sandal. If you get there please take a photo for me. Nike might have been moved to the museum by now though. At Ephesus look at everything again for me. Ephesus is my new favorite ancient city. I want to go back there some day not on a tour and just wander. Check out the history of the evil eye in Greece and Turkey.
Lots of Love,
And we did it all, but in reverse order leaving from Cairo, 31 hours back to Columbus.

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