Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Biden's Charlottesville moment

I noted that Biden had said nothing in 7 months about the riots against Jews all across the nation and on many college campuses even though he had the J6 protestors jailed. And now, ta-da! His own Charlottesville moment.

"I condemn the antisemitic protests, that’s why I set up a program to deal with that,” Biden told reporters in Virginia. “I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians and their — how they’re doing.”

Biden ran on the Charlottesville “good people on both sides” lie. Now in 2024 we have Joe Biden actually doing what he claimed Trump did in regards to antisemitism pic.twitter.com/IyxiY6q5Ue  — boxingMD (@BoxingMD1) April 22, 2024

But Trump didn't say what the media (and Biden) condemned him for. The reporters continued to harass him and question him, demanding that he clarify that he wasn't talking about neo-nazis. Now Biden says there are "very fine people" protesting and supporting Hamas, but he also waited 7 months. Plus the Charlottesville protest was in one place over one statue. These "hate all the Jews" protestors are condemning an entire race all over the world. And if they say it's just about Israel, why are they threatening American Jews?

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