Tuesday, October 12, 2004

529 Why I am a Lutheran, by Daniel Preus

From this Book
“I am a Lutheran for the same reason I am a Christian. It is not by choice but by grace. The teachings of the Lutheran Church place Jesus at the center because the teachings of the Scriptures place Jesus at the center. No other confession demonstrates such fidelity to the truths of God's Word. No other confession so glorifies Christ by placing Him at the center of all it confesses and teaches. Being a Lutheran is truly all about Jesus.”
Sounded good, so first I did a library search. Public Library.
“Why I am. . .”
a Catholic
a Muslim
a Reform Jew
an abortion doctor
not a Christian
still a Catholic.
OK. Let’s try OSU Libraries (probably 4,000,000 volumes) and OhioLink--that’s about 60 other libraries throughout Ohio, including seminaries and church related colleges, two of them Lutheran.
“Why I am. . . “
a Christian Scientist
a Communist
a conservative
a danger to the public
a democrat
a Jew
a painter
a poet
a reform Jew
not a Buddhist
not a Christian
not a feminist
not a Muslim
not a nudist
not a woman
not an environmentalist
only a demi-vegetarian
still a Christian
still an Anglican.

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