Sunday, January 29, 2006

2090 Now that's a fan!

This morning I caught a short human interest story on Spanish language television about a woman who is the #1 fan of Los Tigres del Norte, a Mexican-immigrant band based in San Jose, California. The walls, halls, and surfaces of her home were covered with framed photos of the family band consisting of four brothers, a cousin and a friend who came to San Jose as teens and released their first record in 1972. She has posed with the group for many of the pictures. Her couch had pillows with photo transfers. Her clothing was trimmed in a tiger stripe, and her bedroom was decorated with tiger bedspread, blankets and sheets, with tiger drapes. She certainly loves her Tigres.

The group started with songs about narcotic smuggling and crime, and later moved to social issues and the problems of living in the USA with your heart in Mexico. Currently immigration is a big focus in their music. After achieving wealth and success in the US, the group, which has made 30 records and 14 movies, didn't return to Mexico to live. So I suppose that supplies a lot of photos for their number one fan (whose name I didn't catch).

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