Saturday, November 05, 2011

Obama bundler pays no taxes

George Kaiser is one of the richest men in the world--maybe $9 billion. If Obama took all his wealth, he still couldn't pull off the jobs bill. But Kaiser hasn't paid taxes in years--as in zip, nada, zilch-- and he was one of Obama's "bundlers" during the last campaign. Probably donating heavily for the next one too. He's a huge donor to philanthropic causes, keep in mind. I suspect his efforts go much further than the same amount sent to Washington. He was also an investor in Solyndra, which may have been payback for his campaign efforts. His tax offsets to income are completely legal--set up for the wealthiest by our bi-partisan Congresses over the years. But keep in mind, his wealth is in oil and gas, and he's still backing the gov't investments in "green" energy. The government (aka our tax money) doesn't need to be involved in any way--there are plenty of deep pockets like Kaiser to fund the research and development.

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Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
It is not news that the rich support the rich so the rich can continue to get richer. And by golly it works for them. Me thinks there's a name for this.

gym babe said...

Murray,,,, Is it called Christianity???? So the rich can give to the poor (when they have time, when they're so inclined, when it makes them look good, when it's in their best interest). That's what the Libby's and Fords and Rockefeller's have done. Never mind the 8 year olds that worked in their factories.

Norma said...

Not sure I get your point about Christianity. There's no indication the bundler is Christian, and how would you know why or the motivation of anyone who donates millions or even $5.00. Yes, there are tax implications, but there wasn't in the days of Libby, Ford and Rockefeller.