Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Obama stays popular with the uninformed

Obama has two very successful methods for staying popular as a leader. 1) Focus on Bush's mistakes, and 2) ignore his own.

Which was a bigger error, the Abu Ghraib abuses by military guards which Bush probably knew nothing about, or the fumbling of the closing of Guantanamo prison on which Obama campaigned in 2008?

Which is a bigger scandal, the passing of the Patriot Act after 9/11 with bipartisan support and debate under Bush, or its expansion in secret under Obama?

Bush supported traditional marriage and was consistent regardless of political attacks; Obama publicly supported traditional marriage until he was pushed into applauding same sex marriage in order to get gay support for the 2012 election.
Bush expanded government health care (Pt. D drug coverage in Medicare for 40 million seniors) with strong bipartisan support; Obama got no support from Republicans for Obamacare (estimated to eliminate employer coverage for 40 million), which increasingly is proving to be horribly more expensive and invasive to privacy (IRS) than he promised.

Bush was criticized for not offering war time detainees at Gitmo protections afforded American citizens; Obama has been slicing, dicing and trashing those freedoms we all should have as Americans. He and his cronies not only claim the 5th (the only amendment they like), they claim ignorance, absence and Cincinnati for their illegal behavior.

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