Friday, June 21, 2013

The Gang of Eight plan

Any immigration plan the Republicans come up with that is enthusiastically accepted by Democrats, and especially the President is a trick. Democrats are not necessarily smarter than Republicans, but they certainly are sneakier, and have a bigger bag of tricks. They have been pulling this scam about how they care about the little guy and the poor for so long, while lynching blacks, passing Jim Crow laws, aborting babies that could live outside the womb, keeping the poor out of their neighborhoods with strict zoning and EPA, and condemning generations to live the welfare plantation, that one could assume we have a very dumb electorate. One of their favorite heroes is FDR who kept the country in a Depression for almost a decade and imprisoned Americans according to their race.

Ask yourself why Democrats want lax border security, or no borders. Who benefits? Unions? Big business? Mexico? Democrat voter rolls? Why are rules or fences different than check points that currently exist between all countries?

Reread the 1986 immigration law that they say doesn't work. Enforcement is the key. It provides for guest workers, border security, rules for employers so American labor doesn't suffer, amnesty for "3 million" and guess what the Democrats got--amnesty for those already here.

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reading u lessnless said...

If the 1986 law works so well, I wonder why a large tomato farmer from Ottawa County is closing his business because he could not get enough migrant workers to do the work? He says it's due to crack down on immigrants. They are afraid to come here to work. Read the Toledo Blade of 6/21/13. This will have a $2.6 million dollar impact on the businesses of this area who sell food, gas, cars and many other products to the migrant workers. Why do you make up your own facts?