Sunday, December 02, 2018

A touching tribute to Bush 41

I’ve met three of the Shaw sisters and their mother as bloggers (now Facebook friends) and one, Janice, on Facebook where we’re “friends.”  In the 1990s Janice was a speechwriter for GHW Bush and writes a loving tribute about him and those exciting years.
“There is no way to convey the awe-inspiring experience of actually working in the White House with a pass that enables you to go anywhere in the complex, including the private library on the top floor of the OEOB that can get any publication a speechwriter might need or want.  The sense of history and significance of working as a presidential speechwriter are like nothing else I have ever done. . . 
“After President Bush 41, the baton was passed to other generations of leaders coming from a variety of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.  The passing of President Bush 41 is not just the passing of a significant American leader who earned the respect of Americans across the political spectrum; it is the passing of a generation who shared experiences and values.  It is the end of an era of shared history.  As we mourn the loss of President Bush 41, we also mourn the passing of an era.”
Janice Shaw Crouse. . .

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