Thursday, December 06, 2018

The future is female, but what is a female?

Kristin Gillibrand (D- NY) has said something really foolish—the future is female.

The Left doesn’t want the word “female” or “woman” written or spoken because the masculine terms male and man diminish womyn’s power.

The Left is systematically destroying the hard won gains of Title IX in sports by insisting a transwoman is actually a real woman, and who knows what they’ll call him when they’ve succeeded in destroying the language!

The Left says gender is a social construct and that sex is bad science.

The Left reports that with enough hormones, pancake makeup, electrolysis and a convincing fantasy, a man with or without the amputation of his penis and testicles can take the place of women in affirmative action regulations proposed by the government.

The Left in one state already on the brink of financial collapse wants 50% of boards of corporations to be “broads.” What an opportunity for men who can’t compete with other men—just “feel” female and insist that only a transphobic capitalist cabal would reject him.

And really, Ms. Gillibrand, if men and women are interchangeable and equal in all ways, why is your party claiming you as a female senator and when will you stop dyeing your hair and wearing make up?

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