Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Illinois perfect storm (Gene Kollack)

The 'Perfect Storm' descended with full force on the citizens of Illinoi this week. Your Governor and legislators (both sides) thank you for allowing them to go 'full Venezuela' on you. . .

This week in Springfield the following legislation was passed.

1. Expanded abortion up to birth.
2. Expanded gambling with up to 6 new casinos.
3. Allowing inmates to vote including establishing a polling place at the Cook County Jail.
4. Removing $5 co-pay for inmates making medical and dental completely free.
5. New law passed regarding Driver Licenses. When completing your drivers application you can identify as Male, Female, or Other (non-binary).
6. Legislation to extend voting rights to non-citizen student trustees in Illinois.
7. Passed legislation preventing law enforcement from enforcing the law and making Illinois a Sanctuary State.
8. A bill that requires all Refineries in Illinois, all petrochemical plants, all ethanol plants, all basic organic chemical plants must become union.
9. Last night passed legislation for a $40 billion budget (a billion more than the governors proposed budget) and $45 billion capital bill, raising license plate fees to $199, legalizes sports betting, higher taxes on video gaming and an expansion of video gaming, a tax hike on cigarettes and vaping, a new tax on parking garages, and raises the gasoline tax to $.38 a gallon.
10. Passed a constitutional amendment to go from a flat tax to a progressive tax.
11. Increased minimum wage to $15.
12. Legalization of marijuana.
13. Last but not least legislators gave themselves a 2.5% salary raise, a 25% and 33% increase in mileage and per diem.

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Anonymous said...

IT’S difficult to keep up with all the horrific (abortion) and tragic tax laws and other random stuff that affect the citizens of this state.

Regarding the new minimum wage: for the State of Illinois: phased into practice over next six years. Think Chicago is on a different schedule. Our Governor wants to equalize the wages in the state…and he said: it’s unfair an individual in Chicago earns $15…while an individual, doing the same work in Peoria, earns less…. I have protested this (and other proposals) law when it was in the proposal format. I contacted one of the sponsors, and (I kid you not) he stated that as a small business, we would receive a credit from the employees’ withholdings. Actually, I have this in writing. So…I thought I’d give this Chicago-area representative the benefit of the doubt and questioned him… He came back with same response and moved me up the ladder to someone else. He was wrong in his statement. My concern (and the point) is guys like this make laws. They do not know the law, they just make up crap like this.

Abortion: Life begins at conception and ends at natural death. Beginning and end. The law makers are playing god, and may God have mercy on their souls.

I think the Marijuana issue was for commercial purposes. Our lawmakers did not look at the State of Oregon and the troubles they are experiencing. Crop failure, over production resulting in businesses that are bankrupt, yet can’t file bankruptcy since that is a FEDERAL act. Marijuana growers are not registered by the Federal level as that is illegal. Sanctioned only by the individual states. Maybe someone on this list knows more about this ...

Tax hikes, new taxes, gaming and casinos, etc: all an attempt by greed- and power-hungry politicians to control our state and NOT address the spending problem. We did have a “win” and that is we are not required to have a finger print for buying “a gun”. I didn’t follow the specifics, meaning not sure if it applies to certain guns.

My advice: The last one leaving Illinois—be sure to turn out the lights.

I’m not aware of the inmates ability to vote… or the DL selection of various genders…or unionization of Refineries’ workers.

Kay, From “it’s a sad state, Illinois, that is"