Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A lively blind rescue

I've been on two lakefront walks this morning, so I'm 4 miles good for the day. Noticed a lot of toxic white masculinity--roofers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators. Thank God for men doing the jobs women don't want. That wage gap is a total myth--feminists like to whine and compare salaries of part time baby sitters with engineers. Suing is a cottage industry in the grievance groups. Men had to give up private associations, but women didn't.
Also, stopped to talk to a woman walking a cute little white fluff ball dog--not a poodle, but the dust mop style. We stopped to chat and she told me the dog is a rescue. Her husband had died, and then later her dog. Because this adorable little piece of fluff was blind she was considered unadoptable, but the woman's other dog had been blind, so an exception was made. She's very lively--and although blind, she certainly can smell another dog and keeps her new owner on her toes. I think she said the rescue was Safe Harbor

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