Friday, June 14, 2019

Illinois is the shame of the nation

I’ve looked over the latest abortion initiative for Illinois and am shocked and horrified. Particularly at the cheering! What has happened to the people? It is now the most radical, the bloodiest, the most dangerous (to women), the most ghoulish, and deeply disturbing abortion legislation in the nation. God have mercy on the people who came up with this evil.

There was a time when only a man called Obama of all the local, state and federal politicians supported (publicly) such radical, anti-human and anti-humane actions. Now it’s half the nation. What a legacy. And what has Illinois given the nation.

On the radio today I heard a broken hearted director of a pro-life pregnancy center in Illinois—they counsel women in bad situations, give them material aid, education and employment opportunities and save their babies—say that she and her husband have moved to another state rather than pay Illinois taxes,* and she is doing her job at a distance, trying to keep a brave face for her staff and volunteers.

* I think your state taxes follow you even if you move to Tennessee but earned it in Illinois, so she’ll probably be looking for work.

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