Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lots of Bible

I'm in an (older) adult Sunday School class after the 9 a.m. church service at Lytham Rd UALC; we're using "Hebrews (The people's Bible)" by Richard E. Lauersdorf. I'm in an (older) adult Bible study class on Thursday mornings; we're studying Hosea with handouts from Pastor Jeff. I'm in a women's Bible Study group on Saturday morning at Lytham Rd. UALC; we're using "God of Covenant, a study of Genesis 12-50" by Jen Wilkin (Lifeway Press, 2018) and as a couple we're in a SALT (Sharing and Learning Together) group using "Making sense of the Bible; rediscovering the power of scripture today" by Adam Hamilton (Harper, 2014).

Our Sunday School class has an outstanding teacher--Charlie Ollermann--a lawyer who grew up in Nebraska. He manages to keep this class from wandering too far afield. Last week there were 40 in the class, and I brought cookies and they all sang happy birthday to me. The Thursday group is mainly retirees and Pastor Jeff Morlock who is our pastor for seniors always brings up good points. Jeff's wife is also a pastor and has recently taken a position at St. John's Lutheran in Grove City. The Women of the Word on Saturday is a group that has been together perhaps 15 years, and we come and go as our schedule allows. Mary Jo Sullivan's prayers make it worth coming. This fall's offering on Genesis follows the first part, and includes a video. The Lifeway instructor, Jen Wilkin, is excellent. Our SALT group doesn't meet regularly--maybe 10 times a year, so it takes us a while to work through a book, but the Hamilton book is very well written and we're enjoying it.

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